Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL Wrap Up 11-13-08

Washington Redskins - Will he or won't he? It's looking more and more like Clinton Portis won't be playing this weekend. He had a grade 2 MCL strain and that's something you don't just go home and come back in a week or two from. Good thing they have backups in Rock Cartwright, Ladell Betts, or Shaun Alexander. Please don't risk Portis' health for this one game. Right now Portis is a game time decision.

New Orleans Saints - Reggie Bush returned to practice after having knee surgery on October 20. He looks to be ready within the next week or two to help the faltering Saints offense. Marques Colston also returned to practice from his knee injury.

San Diego Chargers - Claimed Michael Bennett off of waivers. Why? They have Darren Sproles, LT, and Jacob Hester to boot. Seems as though they didn't want Bennett to fall to their division rivals, the Denver Broncos. I guess you do what you have to do to win.

Chicago Bears - After claiming that he could play last week, we have Kyle Orton doing the same this week. Let's face it, no one in Chicago wants Rex Grossman to start another game for the Bears (probably even Rex himself), but that's a lot to risk if the Bears put Orton out there on a hobbled ankle. I expect Lovie to play this one close to the vest and this will also be a game time decision.

England Patriots - Adalius Thomas may not be out for the season. Everyone (including me) thought he was done, but I guess the Patriots haven't quite made that decision yet. It seems as though Thomas hasn't been put on IR by the team (which would end his season) and they have him listed as 'Out with a forearm injury'. Getting Thomas back right before the playoffs would be like having Christmas in January.

Former Players

It seems as though even a Super Bowl ring won't heal the division between former teammates. The always gregarious, Warren Sapp referred to his former teammate, Keyshawn Johnson, as a b$*#@).

He's not officially a former player yet, but he's more than half way down that road, Adam 'Pacman' Jones is in hot water with, his attorneys now. Seems he owes them $23K. We it goes bad, it really goes bad.

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