Sunday, November 23, 2008

Washington Wizards @ New York Knicks

What in the halibut is going on? I know times are hard in Washington, DC, but dayum, ya'll just got beat by 7 dudes. Yes, you had a full roster and you got beat by 7 dudes. The Wizards lost to the Knicks 122-117. Quentin Richardson got out of the grave and dropped 34 points and added 12 boards to that. He took a season high (and I'm almost sure a career high) 13 three point attempts. Chris Duhon was the worst starter for the Knicks and he was 5 rebounds from a triple double. That may sound like a lot, but he played 46 minutes. I'm sure he could have found 5 more boards.

The Wizards, if you can say this, were led by Antawn Jamison (29 points) and Caron Butler (23 points). I know the Wizards miss Gilbert Arenas, but my biggest issue is that the Wizards dressed 12 players and played 11 of them. They couldn't have fouled even one of the Knicks out? What is going on in DC? This is truly sad.

What are you Wizards fans going to do? What is it going to take to blow this team up and start from scratch? How many more games before Gilbert is back and then they can atleast compete?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

from AverageBro:

Eddie is toast now, so I guess this is pointless, but...

The team is built around 3 guys. One is hurt. They can't win w/o all three.

Last year without Arenas was an aberration. They had Mason, Daniels, Stevenson, and Haywood all have career seasons.

Reality is, the team has NEVER been able to defend a pick and roll and they give up more 3's than any team in the league. This has always been a problem, they just used to outscore their opponents. W/o Arenas they can't.

Even if Gil comes back, he won't be 100% this season. The team is also capped out with those 3 guys. Basically, they're screwed for awhile.

That said, 4 years in the playoffs was great. I couldn't have asked for much more. It was a good run, but they are going to need to retool and stay healthy to get back.