Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well the first time we did this, I got destroyed. Maybe I shouldn't pick these GUARANTEED WINNERS?!?!?!? We'll try it again. Not sure if this series of posts is going to make it.

Week 12

Steelers over Bengals
Hey Ocho Cinco is out and they are playing at Pittsburgh.

Bucs over Lions
It's the Lions people. C'mon.

Bears over Rams
It's cold and even Bears like rangy game meat.

* Guaranteed Winners is not guaranteed to make you money. Any information gleaned from this page is purely speculation and we here at Melting Pot Thoughts will not be held liable for any loses, pain, or agony endured by betting with the picks that you get here. If by chance you do win some big money, send us a check. Other than that, have fun, that's what this site is about.


Mayheminthemix said...

You sure picked some tough games. What a prognosticator!

Inquisitive Mind said...

I had to pick the easy ones. The last time I picked these Guaranteed Games, I went 0 for. Let's see how the week goes.