Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NBA Round Up 11-11-08

New York Knicks - Danilo Gallinari is still out with a hurting back and it's not looking good. He won't accompany the team on their 2 day roady and is being checked again. Surgery may be a necessity for Gallinari and that will really suck for Knicks fans.

Golden State Warriors - Another hurting back. In his quest to get traded, Al Harrington gets hurt. His back is killing him he's been given bed rest for two weeks. This doesn't bode well for him getting out of town any time soon.

Detroit Pistons - With the addition of AI, the most important player in Detroit now becomes, Tayshaun Prince. Prince will have to play, ala Scottie Pippen, as the point forward for the Pistons. This team should play well with Iverson, unless you agree with one of my guys who says this was the worst trade that the Pistons could have ever made.

Los Angeles Clippers - Next one out the door could be, Chris Kaman or Cuttino Mobley. The Clippers seem to happy with the addition of Marcus Camby to their team, but that means that someone has to go. Kaman plays the same position and is owed $43M, but Mobley has a more reasonable salary that can be traded (around $8M - $9M a year). Look for the Clips to make a move to turn around their 1-6 start.

Antonio McDyess - After being waived by Denver after the AI trade, McDyess is still looking for a team. Right now he has his pick of several, including the Pistons and the Celtics. Signs are pointing that he'll head back to Detroit, but I think he can be lured to a team with a chance to win the title this year. (Danny Ferry, get this guys' number now!!!).

Juwan Howard - Another free agent right now with some upside is sitting and waiting for the right opportunity. Seems like everyone caught on to the PJ Brown Way To Winning a Ring. Juwan is still a good big man that can score and play some defense. I would think that he'd be a good fit with the same teams that would pursue McDyess.

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Anonymous said...

Galinari may miss the whole season. What a bust.

Harrington is "resting" so he doesn't hurt his trade value.

Clips should trade Cuttino to open the door for Gordon. Kaman and Camby can play together. Marcus is a 4.

Dyess headed to Celtics.

Juwan is toast. Oddly he still looks exactly like he did as a rookie 12 years ago.