Wednesday, November 05, 2008

NFL Week 10 Matchup

Still on the search for a perfect week, but last week was nice at 11-3. That brings me to 82-48 for the season. This week we have a Thursday night game, so I'm rushing to get this out quickly. Let's see what's on tap.

Denver @ Cleveland - Time for some Brady Quinn. This game has got to be interesting. You have a team that played well early and had people thinking they were going to make some noise in the playoffs, but they recently have been in a slump and their star wide receiver is in a verbal war with an old LB. The other team was picked to take over their division, finally, but that they have not been able to put it together. This is a home game for the Browns and I expect that the Brady Quinn experiment will work. I've never been a lover of Notre Dame players (except Montana, the Bus, Justin Tuck, and maybe a few more). Winner - Browns

New Orleans @ Atlanta - This is a hard game to pick. The Falcons have proven to be a better all around team with a running game and great rookie QB, while the Saints just seem to be stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear. The Atlanta ground game should help keep Drew Brees on the bench and not throwing for 400 yards. Hey, if the Falcons need help they can always recycle a former player. Winner - Falcons

Tennessee @ Chicago - This is the worst thing that a Rex Grossman led Chicago Bears team needs to see, a good defense that is close to the top in interceptions. Kyle Orton has a sprained ankle and hopes to play this week, and my only advice to Lovie is let him sit this game and get him ready for the next one. Rex will more than likely lose this game for the Bears. Yes, I'm just going to put that out there. Can you tell I'm not a fan? Winner - Titans

Jacksonville @ Detroit - Hmmm, could this be Duante Culpeppers' first game as a Lion? It looks more and more like it will be. The Lions are playing against a wounded Jaguars team that gave a game away last week so they look to come in hungry. I expect the Lions to give Culpepper a lot of running plays to keep him healthy. If Jacksonville can't stop the running game, it's over. Winner - Jaguars

Seattle @ Miami - Miami won for me last weekend and I'm not sure I can pick them again, right? Matt Hasselbeck is at least a week away from playing, so more of Seneca Wallace. This Dolphins team, as I have said before, comes out prepared if nothing else. Joey Porter can still run his mouth about as well as he can get to quarterbacks, so I gotta go with the fish. Winner - Dolphins

Green Bay @ Minnesota - Good matchup. The Packers are coming off a close lose to the Titans while the Vikings come off a close win against the Texans. The Packers defense has been able to stop the run most of the year and they will need to do that against this Vikings team. AP should have another good game, but I don't think that Frerotte has enough to win. Winner - Packers

Buffalo @ New England - The Bills have let me down too often this year. Trent Edwards may need to be benched and something is wrong with Lynch. The Patriots come in managing games, but winning at all costs. I expect the Patriots to stretch the field on the Bills since they are a little hurt in their secondary, and then apply the final submission move. With this said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bills got 'motivated' and won this game. I just doubt they do. Winner - Patriots

St. Louis @ New York Jets - This is a game the Jets have to have. They are starting to show signs of consistency, but this would add another notch to their belt if they win this game. Yes, they are playing the sorry Rams, but the Jets have lost games that they should have won early in the season. The AFC is going to be tight with the Titans running away, so this is the time for the Jets. Win the games you're supposed to win and everything takes care of itself. Winner - Jets

Baltimore @ Houston - The Ravens are quietly sneaking up on people in the AFC. They get to take a trip to Houston and a wounded Texans team without Matt Schaub. This should be an easy game for the Ravens. Note to the Ravens defense, someone better cover Andre Johnson. When he leaves home you need to put someone on him. Winner - Ravens

Carolina @ Oakland - Just what a team that had under 100 yards on offense last week needs, a mad Panther's defense. The Panther's come off a bye, but they need to make a move in the NFC. Oakland, well it's the Raiders. They just paid a guy $1M a game for 8 games and then they release him. Someone find Al Davis something else to do beside make this once proud franchise a doormat. Winner - Panthers

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh - How quickly does reality hit when you go from Big Ben to Byron Leftwich? The Steelers at least get a home game and they have Willie Parker back to help Leftwich manage this game. The Colts haven't been the explosive offensive team that we've come to expect and that hurts their defense so much. The Steelers are a pound it kind of team and the Colts defense is a little small to handle all of that. The Steelers defense is at an advantage too. Winner - Steelers

Kansas City @ San Diego - All I have to say is if the Chargers don't win this game after coming off a bye and being 3-5, they should quit for the season along with the Raiders. There's nothing else to say about this game. Winner - Chargers

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - This ought to be a slobber knocker. You look at the Eagles and everyone knows they only have Westbrook and Donovan on the offensive side of the ball, but somehow they find a way to win games like this. The Giants are rolling and their defense looks unbeatable after what they did to the Cowboys (and a lot of other teams this year). I don't have the confidence in Eli that many do and the Eagles normally are able to stop the run. Look for the Wolverine to cause havoc in this game. Winner - Eagles

San Francisco @ Arizona - A night game at the beautiful stadium in Arizona, priceless. If you haven't seen this place, you have to go at least once. I've said that Mike Singletary was a good pick as a coach for the 49ers and I'll still stand by that. Now if he could only keep his pants on and get through to his team. The Cardinals are being led by a never aging Kurt Warner (he's looked 40 the past 3 years) and a heckuva running back in Hightower. For some reason, I just don't think that Shaun Hill starting this game for the 49ers is the answer. Winner - Cardinals

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