Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Week 13 Match Up

103-57-1 for the year before Week 12 games (12-4). so that brings us to a total of 115-61-1 for the year. We're getting close as a lot of team will see their playoffs hopes diminish after losses this week. Let's see what's on the table for this Thanksgiving Weekend of games.

(No pictures this week due to sands of the hour glass running out)

Tennessee @ Detroit - Well, well, well, this is how you congratulate a Lions team that is finally starting to put things together. A meeting with the once undefeated juggernaut of the Titans. It's not Christmas yet, but I think this game is at least entertaining. The Titans aren't the Patriots team from last year where they can come out and just put 20+ on the board in the first quarter. They like to run the ball (which they will do) and play defense. The Lions showed life last week against the Bucs, but couldn't overcome the Bucs defense. At the end of the day, defense wins. Winner - Titans.

Seattle @ Dallas - I was wrong, TO still #itched and whined even though he had one of the best performances by a Cowboy. What are you to do with some people? Dallas has a home game where they will be going up against a resurgent Seahawks squad with Matt Hasselbeck in the lineup. I think we see the Cowboys defense find themselves and take some pressure off of the offense. Can someone please remind the Cowboys that they still have Marion Barber on their team? He's kind of good. Winner - Cowboys.

Arizona @ Philadelphia - McNabbgate returns to the field. We all know, McNabb shouldn't have been benched in a 10-7 game at half time, let's just get that out of the way. It was a lame attempt of his coach to justify putting Kolb in the game. Let's face it, it may be the last time we see McNabb and Reid in Eagles gear. They get to see the Cardinals defense that got bruised and beaten by the Giants last week. I'm not saying McNabb will come out and throw from 300 yards and 3 TDs, but I see a good game from him. The Eagles defense saves the day. Winner - Eagles.

San Francisco @ Buffalo - This is a difficult game to predict. Trent Edwards went off last week for 4 TDs and the Bills looked great. I'm still not sold on Shaun Hill, but Gore should be able to open that passing game up with his running. The Bills are still banged up on defense and they have to be glad that this is a home game. If the Bills regress from last week, they lose. If they play as well as last week, they win. They're going to fall somewhere in between. Winner - Bills.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati - This is a trap game for the Ravens. They can't go to Cincy and lose. I doubt Ray Lewis let's his boys come down after that demolishing of the Eagles last week. Ryan Fitzpatrick beware. Winner - Ravens.

Indianapolis @ Cleveland - Well, I guess it's the return of Derek Anderson to the rescue? Brady Quinn is out for the year and Anderson is auditioning for his new job next year (they can't pay both Anderson and Quinn). Against this Colts defense, this may be an audition that he would want to skip. I think, the Colts get their leader on D, Bob Sanders, back this week and he always brings it. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that Peyton Manning is in his groove again too. Winner - Colts.

Carolina @ Green Bay - I was on the Panthers bandwagon there for a second until it abruptly stopped in Atlanta last week (how do you lose that game if you're Carolina?). The Panthers' offense needs to show up and get some big time play from Jake Delhomme. Well, maybe they just need to run the ball a whole lot, I'm not sure what needs to happen. Green Bay got embarrassed by the Saints on Monday night and the quick turnaround will have them hungry for a win. I'm kind of torn with this one since it could go either way. Winner - Packers.

Miami @ St. Louis - After the Bears completely dominated the Rams last week, I expect them to play a lot better this week. Even if they do, I doubt they beat the Dolphins. The Dolphins have found ways to win (normally the mark of a Parcells team) and they have an underrated defense. This in the dome, so a heavy dose of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams should do the trick. Winner - Dolphins.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - Can anyone stop Drew Brees? I guess when they're at home, the answer is no. Brees still has a ways to go to break Marino's single season passing record, but it seems almost like he's destined to do this. The Saints have endured injuries on the offensive side of the ball that would normally limit the production of a quarterback, but Brees is still throwing the ball. They go to Tampa Bay to play the Bucs, a place where offenses go to die. I think I said it earlier, defense wins games. Winner - Bucs.

New York Giants @ Washington - Didn't they play this game about two weeks ago? I have to believe that the Redskins haven't gotten much better and unless they change their offense, this one is over before the game even starts. The Giants should get back Brandon Jacobs. Winner - Giants.

Atlanta @ San Diego - That's one long trip for the Falcons to get to the land of sun and fun. It just may provide the cooling off time needed to give the Chargers a chance, even at home. I think the Falcons are the better team, they are more balanced, and they are actually headed somewhere besides home at the end of the regular season. But,.......Winner - Chargers.

Pittsburgh @ New England - Matt Cassel, maybe you are ready for primetime? I apologize for not giving you the benefit of the doubt about your abilities and the time on the field to show them off. The Pats look good without having any semblance of a running game. They are going against the #1 defense in the league when they play the Steelers this week. Somethings got to give. The Steelers (I keep saying this every week) are banged up, but they still somehow come out and compete. Winner - Patriots.

Denver @ New York Jets - This is another trap game. You just beat the only team that hadn't lost a game and now you get an on again, off again Broncos team at home. All signs point to a Jets loss, but I think that the Elder (Brett Favre) finds a way to motivate his team and they win this game. Winner - Jets.

Kansas City @ Oakland - The Chiefs were able to put up some numbers last week and that was against a better defense than what they'll be playing against this week. Can they keep it rolling? The Raiders are still banged up everywhere, but they seem to be playing harder or something, let's just say that change is afoot in Oakland. Maybe we get a Larry Johnson siting (on the field). Winner - Chiefs.

Chicago @ Minnesota - This is the biggest game of the year for the Bears. If they win, they are numero uno in their division. They hold their own fate in their hands. They had a great game all over the field last week against the Rams on that indoor carpet and they get to play in a similar stadium this week. Can the Bears provide 2 dominating performances in a row? Winner - Bears.

Jacksonville @ Houston - This would normally be a good and easy pick, I'd say Jacksonville, but they aren't playing worth a dayum right now. Houston gets the home game and they normally play well at home. They still have Rosenfels behind center, which could be problematic, but they have Andre Johnson. Winner - Jaguars.

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