Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching Up

The day job has me working my arse off, so I haven't been able to get many posts in the last few days and I have to get my NFL stuff done soon since we have a Thursday night game. So here's to catching up.


That's what the Tarheels are this year. They played Kentucky without Marcus Ginyard and Tyler Hansbrough and still won convincingly. The regulars, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, Deon Thompson, Danny Green, did enough damage. The only bad side of this game was the Tarheels losing Tyler Zeller for the year due to a wrist injury from a foul on a dunk. The ACC is not going to enjoy the Tarheels this year as I see them marching through the league and possibly all the way to a National Title. They will lose at least one to my Dukies though. Mark my words.

NBA Rookie of the Year

My guy NYSTOM did his rankings, but now that I think about it, he left one important player off that list, Greg Oden. Officially he is a rookie this year because he didn't play at all last year. He is showing that he can finish around the rim and play some defense. If he can hold off on getting injured for the rest of the season, he may upend Derrick Rose for that ROY title.

Not Written Yet

Eventhough my guy Vince has already written AI's epitaph as a self centered, ball hogging player only out to get his, maybe we should hold off a little. The little guy has lead his new team, the Pistons, to wins over the juggernaut Lakers and the streaking Cavs. It seems that Joe Dumars made the right decision, if if the sample is small.

Let Me Go!!

Edgerrin James requested his release and the Cardinals declined. Tim Hightower has stolen all of Edge's shine and maybe his spot on the roster for next year. I don't see the Cardinals letting Edge go for nothing during the season when there are so many teams that need a running back.

I'm Back

Two words originally spoken (well written/faxed) by Michael Jordan that caused fear in many NBA circles are now being said by Adam 'Don't Call Me Pacman' Jones. The NFL has reinstated the enigmatic corner to the Cowboys. Could the stars be aligning in Dallas to give the Cowboys a chance to fulfill Jerry Jones' playoff guarantee. I just wonder how much it cost him.


AverageBro said...

Zeller looks good, but reality is he won't be missed much. Ed Davis is good enough to steal some of Deon Thompson's minutes, and Hansbrough takes the rest. Green can slide up front in a pinch. They'll miss Zeller, but not much.

Duke will give them a run, but I expect another sweep. Sorry.

I still like Mayo for RoY, but Rose is nice.

Edge is Toast.

Inquisitive Mind said...

I told you that Rudy Fernandez is going to steal some votes too,....I pulled a Donovan and forgot that Oden will be up for ROY too. 3 man race, Oden, Rose, and Fernandez. Mayo will be tied at #4 with Beasley.