Saturday, November 22, 2008

Job Security

What does it take people? I mean really. What does it take for Charlie Weis to lose his job at Notre Dame? Does Touchdown Jesus have to come down and kick him out? Notre Dame has put a lot of money into their coaches and they still get the same results. Bob Davie was dismissed years ago and Tyrone Willingham became the first African-American coach to coach Notre Dame. As he was getting that team to play ball, he was unceremoniously dismissed. In comes Charlie Weis, the offensive mastermind from the NFL. 4 seasons later, it's the same press conferences talking about, we'll win next time. The latest coming after a loss to Syracuse, an 8 loss team, at Notre Dame. Weis had an excuse for a while with the whole, I need time to get my kind of player's in here and even when he did he hasn't done anything. I'm one that believes in karma and I think the way that Weis has dealt with his players, most importantly Demetrius Jones is coming back to bite him.

For those that don't remember Demetrius Jones was in line to start at Notre Dame and Weis went out and recruited Jimmy Claussen. Well, Claussen arrives at Notre Dame and the said part is Jones hadn't don't anything to lose his job. A quarter into the first game, Jones was pulled for Evan Sharpley. Everytime Jones got the ball he had a Georgia Tech defender in his face. He got hit and hit hard and threw two passes and had two fumbles. Enter Sharpley who had a similar outing, in the second quarter of the same game. Finally Claussen was put in the game and had an equally bad outing. The next week, Claussen was the starter, Jones had been moved to #3 on the depth chart, and a few weeks later Jones left Notre Dame. Weis didn't want to let Jones out of his scholarship at Notre Dame, what a loser. He already knew Claussen was his QB. His guy.

I hope Weis gets what he deserves.

What is it going to take to get Charlie Weis out of Notre Dame? If it's a petition, I'll be the first to sign. What do you think?

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AverageBro said...

I bet Ty Willingham looks real good right now.