Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NBA Round Up 11-18-08

Dallas Mavericks - With the accusations around Mark Cuban, I don't think the folks in Dallas wanted anymore stress but it seems as though Jerry Stackhouse wants his walking papers from the Mavericks. Jerry isn't getting the minutes that he wants and he's ready to move on to greener pastures. He hasn't yet demanded a trade, but the writing is on the wall. what team could use an older two guard/small forward with a knack for putting the ball in the basket? Yes, Stackhouse would be popular if he were bought out.

Miami Heat - And the season is already on the brink. Well, I say that because Dwayne Wade is feeling the effects of a sprained right ankle, but he is insistent on playing through this pain. Someone in south Florida needs to tie this guy to a chair or something until he's healed. The Heat can't afford to be without Wade for any significant time unless they have hopes of drafting high next year.

Detroit Pistons - No one looks at a calendar quite like the Pistons are these days. They are still front runners to sign Antonio McDyess after he was released from Denver during the AI trade. The fact that a lot of other teams are already making pitches to McDyess may not be comforting. The only thing the Pistons can offer is $1.9M and that comfortable feeling of being someplace you know. I'm sure some other teams can put together more money, but we'll see what happens.

Houston Rockets - With one of them going out (T-Mac) might we see another return (Battier). Battier has been cleared to join team practices starting today. That's good news for the Rockets as they lose T-Mac for who knows how long with an injured knee.

New York Knicks - What is your freedom worth? That may be the question that Stephon Marbury is asking after sitting so far this season. Should Marbury accept a lower buy out number than the $21.6M that he is owed from the Knicks? Or should he just sit out and stay in shape and collect all of that money? Marbury has a decision to make and that would be, what is your freedom worth? We'll see what number they decide on as talks resume this week on the buyout.

New Jersey Nets - Might Vince Carter be ready for a Robin cape? Insiders believe that the Nets will try to get rid of Carter as they near the deadline this year. The one place or team that would have Carter high on their list is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Could we see a pairing of LBJ and VC on the court together? That would be interesting, and more interesting to see if Carter would take the Robin role to LeBron's Batman.

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