Thursday, November 13, 2008

NBA Round Up 11-14-08

Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard is managing a knee problem that he insists he has had since breaking that knee when he was 15 years old. At times during the year, the knee swells a little and then the Magic just give him some time off. After his 30 point, 19 boards, 10 blk performance the other night, I don't have a problem with this going forward. I hope he can stay healthy.

Chicago Bulls - What happened? First Larry Hughes' shoulder, then Kirk Hinrich's thumb (out 3 months), and now Derrick Rose's back. The Bulls are already thin, figuratively, and they can't win with (or without) the injury bug that seems to be rampant in the locker room. Someone call Orkin and get them to the United Center, fast!!! Rose may not miss too much time with his back, but as we've seen with Danilo Gallinari, things could get worse.

New York Knicks - The end is near for Stephon Marbury. It looks as though he will be out of New York within days. Maybe he can get a deal for starring in the remake of the old 'Escape from New York' movie? Where will he go next? Read below.

San Antonio Spurs - Besides Marbury opining about how lovely it would be to play in San Antonio, the Spurs haven't had this much good news in a while. Manu is back with the team, albeit still trying to get somewhere close to 100%. The Spurs need Manu badly with Parker out and Tim Duncan isn't a spring chicken. We'll see how soon this triumvirate gets back on the court together. Spurs fans are hoping that time is soon.

State Warriors - Monta Ellis is having the screws removed from his ankle and he should be up and running soon. That's good news for a Warriors team that has gone through a lot of turmoil in the front office and not that many wins on the court.

New Jersey Nets - There was a story floating that the Nets was demoting Sean Williams because of nothing else except he's in the dog house, but now stories are coming out that the Nets are looking to trade the enigmatic forward. Williams would definitely be able to help someone's bench. He's an athletic big who can run the floor and block shots. That alone will have him working for another employer soon.

New York Knicks - Might another Knick enjoy some time in San Antonio? There is interest in Eddy Curry from the Spurs and the Heat since he was demoted from D'Antoni's lineup at the beginning of the season. With the Knicks winning games as of late without Curry (and Marbury), the Knicks may be more apt to moving him sooner rather than later.

Charlotte Bobcats - Since being benched until his weight drops, Sean May has figured out a way to trim down. He has been working on getting his 274 lbs down to a respectable 266 lbs and he's been told that he needs to include grains in his diet. He also was told to stay away from sugar and white flower. If that's all it takes, I think I might even try this. Larry Brown has Baron Davis and Jenny Craig on line 1 if this doesn't work.

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