Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bye Bye PJ

Talk about really pissing someone off. PJ Carlesimo was fired late Friday night as coach of the OKC Thunder, right before the team flight to New Orleans to play the Hornets. That has to hurt that you have plans on coaching the team but when you get to the airport, you're told that there's no need for you to get on the flight. His assistant coach Paul Westhead was given the heave ho at the same time. His other assistant coach Scott Brooks was told shortly after the plane took off that he would be the head coach. Isn't there a better way to do this? Yes, the Thunder have lost 10 straight and we know they have some talent. But the whole fire you before you get on the bus (or in this case, plane) kind of thing has to suck mightily. I haven't heard of anything like this since Jeff McInnis was handed his bag prior to boarding a bus for the Nuggets back in the day. If I remember correctly McInnis was given his bags prior to boarding the bus and told that he would have to get home the best way he could. (Editor's Note - I have been trying to find something on the net that discuss this, but my guys, some UNC fans will vouch for this too).

I have never been a PJ Carlesimo loving guy. I've always thought that he was best suited be an assistant. He has the basketball knowledge, but somewhere in his communication, it all gets lost. I'm sure PJ will go home and lick his wounds and be back in the market for another prime (I don't know why) coaching position in the near future. Till then, if you're a Thunder fan, get behind Scott Brooks and root for your team.

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AverageBro said...

Eddie Jordan got canned after he and his wife handed out Thanksgiving turkeys to the homeless. I think that's worse than PJ's firing.

Reality is, OKC has a poor and unbalanced roster of over the hill or too green players. They should be better than 1-12, but not by much.