Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL Week 12 Matchup

Last week wasn't that bad, but that tie really bugged me. I can't believe that the Eagles tied with the Bengals. Is this the sign of the apocalypse? 11-4-1 last week, to my total for the season (92-53) puts me at a whopping 103-57-1. Not bad, not bad at all. Let's get to the games.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - Can they do it again? Can the Bengals come in and play up to their competition. The Bengals made McNabb's life he77 last week and could do that this week while facing a less mobile Roethlisberger. The Steelers are a little banged up, but that's the way they play. Here' to not seeing the same stuff two weeks in a row. Winner - Steelers

Tampa Bay @ Detroit - The Lions are growing some teeth and they get the Bucs as a reward. Culpepper has played well against the Bucs, but he did have Randy Moss then, so let me take that last one back. This should be a route by the Bucs. They come in rolling, but they lose their starting running back Earnest Graham last week. Will the Cadillac be ready to play and play well? Winner - Tampa Bay

New York Jets @ Tennessee - The best game of the week. Everyone is talking about which Brett will you get, the good one or the bad one. I think this comes down to who can run the ball the best. I have never been a Kerry Collins fan and his 'luck' will run out at some point. To me, the Titans should have lost last week, and I'll go with the upset again this week. J-E-T-S, Jet, Jets, Jets. Winner - Jets

Buffalo @ Kansas City - I was very upset with the Bills last week and I still am. This team has all the pieces, they just gotta figure out a way to win. They had a great opportunity last week against a struggling Browns team and now they get to go to KC to an equally if not more inept team. What will they do?I'm giving them one more chance. Winner - Bills

Chicago @ St. Louis - Have a chance to go to this game, but not sure if I am. This should be a slaughter in favor of the Bears. Hopefully Orton's ankle feels a little better and the defense decides to play. This shouldn't even be a contest. We'll see if Lovie was able to motivate his troops. Winner - Bears

New England @ Miami - I was dead wrong about this pick earlier in the season, so now it's time for some redemption. The Dolphins have proved to be a quality foe this year even with their lack of overall talent. Coach Sparano should definitely get some Coach of the Year votes. New England comes to town looking for a win and right at a time where Matt Cassel looks very comfortable in that Pats offense. I haven't heard if Joey Porter has started talking trash yet, but that will make this game more interesting. Winner - Pats

Minnesota @ Jacksonville - Both of these teams are in a fight for the playoffs and this is a big game. Both teams have underachieved so far this year. Both teams have good ground games. Only one team can win. Winner - Jacksonville

Philadelphia @ Baltimore - Wow, after a stinker last week the Eagles get a defense that's just as good or better than their own. This is probably the toughest game for me to pick this week because there is going to be some hitting going on in Baltimore. This would be a great game for McNabb to bounce back from, but I'm not sure he can beat this defense. I don't normally pick against the Eagles, but I have to this week. Winner - Ravens

Houston @ Cleveland - Sage Rosenfels almost beat me last week with his effort against the Colts. The Browns snuck one out against the Bills. I guess one of these teams has to win. Brady Quinn's second game looked nothing like his first (performance wise) and he'll have to evade a pretty good Houston front four. Cleveland showed that they have a weakness in their secondary and I expect Andre Johnson to have a huge game. Winner - Texans

San Francisco @ Dallas - Losing this game would make some Cowboy fans walk into traffic on I-35. After winning last week against the Redskins in a hard fought (sometimes sloppy) game, the Cowboys need this one to go as planned. I can see the 49ers putting up a fight, but I can't see Shaun Hill leading them to a victory in Dallas. Winner - Cowboys

Oakland @ Denver - Jay Cutler continues to grow and play well. Against this Raiders defense I think I could pass for 150 yards and a TD. Oakland really can't do much else except suit up, but this is a rivalry game. Remember when both of these teams used to be good? Winner - Broncos

Washington @ Seattle - Just what the Redskins needed, a game against a NFC West opponent not named the Cardinals. This is going to be a better game than people think. I expect Jim Zorn to pull out all stops and even get Shaun Alexander in the game for some key situations to help the Redskins win in Seattle. It's always better to go home and win. Winner - Redskins

New York Giants @ Arizona - As good on offense as the Cardinals are, they are about as equally bad on the defensive side of the ball. That's never a good thing when you are facing the best rushing team in the league. Brandon Jacobs is beat up a little (knee) but he will play and I expect him and the rest of that rushing crew to get at least 200 yards on the ground. The Giants have the much better defense and that's what it'll come down to. Winner - Giants

Carolina @ Atlanta - Okay, the Panthers have a good record (8-2) but they have been squeaking by some teams that shouldn't have even competed with them. They get to make that short road trip down to the ATL and visit Mr. Ryan's house. Julius Peppers is sure to introduce himself to Matt Ryan while he's there, but I'm looking for Jake Delhomme to finally play some good ball. Winner - Panthers

Indianapolis @ San Diego - (Had to take a moment) This sounds like a good game, but there is nothing that can make me pick the Chargers in this. They lost to the Steelers, Bills, Panthers, Saints, Dolphins, and the Broncos. They should have lost to the Chiefs. I can't do it. I'm not even saying the Colts are that much better, but they are finding their groove at the right time. Winner - Colts

Green Bay @ New Orleans - The Packers escape the cold and head down to the Bayou. None of this has a win written on it for the Saints. They will have Reggie Bush back in the lineup, but how effective will he be? The Packers look great and Aaron Rodgers is handling his business with the aid of a good running game. Drew Brees doesn't get 350 yards this game. Winner - Packers

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