Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome Back Tyler

The Tarheels welcomed back Tyler Hansbrough and then promptly gave the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos a butt whuppin. Ty Lawson led the Tarheels in scoring, but there were 5 other players in double figures. The Gauchos were led by James Nunnally off the bench with 19 points, and the Gauchos actually kept this game close until the end.

The Tarheels are just too deep for anyone to handle. They are still without Marcus Ginyard who will be back sometime in December from foot surgery. This team is scary, in a bad way for a Duke fan. Ed Davis filled in admirably for Tyler Zeller, so the Tarheels shouldn't lose much there. Go ahead and book your tickets for the Final Four (in Detroit this year, talk about a place that needs an influx of money) if you're a Tarheel fan.

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