Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eat Some Crow!!!

If you visit this site, you know that from time to time I get on my stat guy, NYSTOM about some of his information. Over the past few weeks, I have probably grilled him about his stats that he had Rajon Rondo so high on the MVP list.

Not only has NYSTOM sent me articles (one link here), but as I was watching the Celtics vs. Bulls today, Mike Brean had this to say: 'Paul Pierce called Rondo the Celtics MVP this year'. With the way that he is playing, he is keeping the Celtics just a step ahead of the Bulls and would be the MVP of this series if the Celtics win.

With all of that said, NYSTOM, I warmed up my crow and I am presently eating it. Thanks.

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