Friday, April 17, 2009

What Would You Do?

No, this isn't a snippet from that show on ABC, but a real life situation. I personally am a golf addict. I love the game and it's something that I can't explain. In the past I have played football and basketball and NEVER thought I'd be interested in playing golf because it's sooooo boring. Once I started playing, I got hooked. So, for those of you who are into the game, you know how hard it is to be consistent and make those shots you see the pros make on TV. With that said if you've ever played, you've scattered a few balls and made some wayward shots that hit some houses, cars, pools (I did that once), hotels, and even in some cases people. I know that people on the golf course don't try and hit people or things* (unless it's a group in front of you that is holding up play on each and every hole while they are on pace to shoot 120), but I was reading an interesting story.

Bill Murray, who is a golf fanatic and great comedian, was playing in the Outback Pro-Am at the TPC Tampa Bay and hooked a tee shot off of the 9th tee across the street and hit a woman who happened to be in her own yard. Gail DiMaggio was hit in the head by the ball and the paramedics were called, as she was rushed to the hospital. Not only was this caught by a TV camera but the Tour officials and NBC both notified Murray of the accident. Murray didn't finish his round, but DiMaggio seemed okay, just a little dazed from the hit.

So the question of the day: What would you do? You have a millionaire that has plunked you on the head, he has acknowledge that he did it, it was caught on tape, and there were witnesses. How much money is this worth? Remember, we live in a very litigious society that happens to be in a depression. Did Gail DiMaggio just hit the lottery?

What would you do? Would you get an attorney or would you get some golf equipment?
*Just a note to those people that read this and live on a golf course. If someone hits your house with a golf ball and you live right on the golf course, you have NO reason to be mad at them. Stay in your house and call your realtor if you're that upset.

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