Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicago Update

Somewhere my father-in-law is sitting back and enjoying a nice cold beverage. It seems that Chicago sports are in for a rebound of sorts. Isn't it like this every year? I told him don't get too happy and because we know what happens each year.

The Bears made the big trade for Jay Cutler, a big deal that they had to do. With that said there are a few things the Bears need, mainly someone to protect Cutler. Orlando Pace was a good pickup but he has two years tops left in the league. The Bears have made some other off season pickups on the offensive line, but the next issue becomes, who will Cutler throw to? Rashied Davis is the only receiver on the squad with more than 5 years experience and Devin Hester is the only other option. Cutler will love Greg Olsen. With all of this going on the offensive side of the ball, the Bears defense has to start playing like they used to play. All in all Bears training camp ought to provide some winning expectations this year.

The Bulls have made it to the playoffs and are now only trying to figure out their seed, 6 or 7. They are looking at a playoff match up against either the Magic or the Celtics. The Bulls have been able to make this late run with their $70M guy hurt (Luol Deng) while their other $70M guy (well that's what Ben Gordon wanted) is helping lead the way. They are getting great play from the Rookie of the Year (if Rose doesn't win we should get a recount) and Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah act as thought they know how to play basketball (finally). The Bulls get to bring Kirk Hinrich and Brad Miller off the bench. Maybe Paxson can swing another deal to bring the Bulls another talent like John Salmons. I give the Bulls at least one win in their first round of the NBA playoffs. At least they made the playoffs.

The Cubs, well, they are the Cubs. They have a loaded roster (as usual) and high expectations (when will someone not pick the Cubs to win it all?). The Cubs are 5-2 and 1 game behind the Cardinals. They look good, so maybe this is the year? I guess we'll see.

The White Sox are 4-3 and leading the AL Central. They have all the same suspects including Ozzie. Expectations are high and at least early on the White Sox looks to be in contention. Can we get an all Chicago World Series?

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