Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aaron Rodgers, Watch Your Back

It seems as though former Duke point guard Greg Paulus has tried out for the Green Bay Packers. Talk about a lucky strike. Paulus was recruited, most notably, by Notre Dame coming out of high school as a college quarterback but Paulus chose to play basketball for Duke University. Paulus put up gaudy numbers at Christian Brothers Academy, 11,763 career passing yards and 152 touchdowns. Those numbers helped him become a Gatorade football player of the year. Paulus was an admirable point guard for the Blue Devils, while averaging 11.5 pts and 3.4 asts a game. He lost his starting job this year to Nolan Smith, but became an intricate part of the Blue Devils' bench.

We'll see if anything happens on the football front. Paulus has 5 other brothers, all of them football players. His younger brother Mike Paulus is a quarterback at hated rival, North Carolina.


The Thrill said...

5 brothers wow. Paulus' dad must have some serious sperm..haha.

Aaron Rodgerswill not have to worry about Paulus taking his job. While he may join the team (longshot) there's no way hes NFL ready.

I expect a huge year from Rodgers. I think he'll produce MVP caliber numbers and the Packers will win the north!

Inquisitive Mind said...

Trust me, I know Aaron Rodgers job is safe if Paulus is the person going for his job. At first I thought this story was a nice piece, but the fact that Paulus now has tried out for a few (I think) NFL teams and Michigan has offered him a scholarship, it's a bit much. A guy can't be out of football for 4 years and then all of a sudden be expected to get back into football just like that.