Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RIP - Gaines Adams

Another sad death. Adams was 26 years old and died of an apparent heart attack. Adams had just recently been traded to the Chicago Bears from Tampa Bay for a 2nd round pick. Adams had had some success in his first years at Tampa, but wasn't really able to get on the field while in Chicago. In my estimation, he was brought in as leverage to keep from paying Agunleye big money, but I guess the Bears will have to come up with something else. Most people that knew Adams said he was a great kid and with that said, may he rest in piece.

2 comments: said...

I am not a Bears fan, but I am shocked to hear about Gaines Adams and another player death in the NFL. He is the ninth NFL player to have died since 2007.

Inquisitive Mind said...

It's sad. I mean the kid was 26. I remember where I was at 26 and that's just way to early to go. Especially when he was in a situation where he had access to doctors and healthcare.