Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 NBA Playoffs - Eastern Conference Recap

Caavaliers vs. Bulls (Cavs 1 - 0)

Well, LeBron promised the Bulls a different kind of animal during these playoffs, but I think he was really referring to himself. What the Bulls saw was vintage Shaq (only for a short period of time, 24 mins). Shaq stole the show early as he showed all of us that you can turn back the hands of time, at least for a while. Shaq said he went on the 'Uncle Jerome' diet which dropped him 20 lbs, and he looked good running up and down the court. The rest of the Cavs contributed, with Mo Williams leading the pack (of everyone not named LBJ) with 19pts and 10 asts. The Cavs did make several lapses and allowed the Bulls back in this game late, but they were able to finally close the door.

Celtics vs. Heat (Celtics 1 - 0)

This turned out about how many of us thought it would. The Heat ran out to an early lead but the Celtics finally decided to play some basketball in teh 4th quarter. Wade pretty much had his way for 3 quarters of the game, doing what ever he wanted and keeping his teammates involved. Things got a little chippy between the two teams when Paul Pierce was bumped near the Heat bench and seemed to hurt his shoulder. KG came over to check on his fallen teammate and Quentin Richardson said he was coming over to take the ball out of bounds. KG shot Q an elbow and then another elbow shortly thereafter. This ended up being a a lot of pushing and shoving but KG was thrown out of the game and could face a suspension. That would really change the playoffs for the Celtics. One good thing for the Celtics was the game Tony Allen played. He played pretty good defense on Wade, but he also was able to put up 14 points.

Hawks vs. Bucks (Hawks 1 - 0)

Well, this started off as a blowout of monumental purposes. Then Brandon Jennings, well actually Jennings kept the Bucks in this game then entire time but couldn't get any helop from his teammates until it was too late. Jennings ended the game with 34 pts, two short of tying the rookie playoff record set by Derrick Rose last year against the Celtics. The Hawks were hitting from everywhere and everyone contributed, in the first half. At halftime Jennings was single handedly keeping the Bucks within 20 (yes, 20). Jennings had 20 pts and no one else on his team had more than 4 pts. The Bucks were able to get back in the game by getting some stops and finally John Salmons was able to contribute, but in the end the Hawks and a surprising performance by Mike Bibby got the win.

Nuggets vs. Jazz (Nuggets 1 - 0)

I don't know who to feel sorry for here. The Nuggets are without their head coach, and the Jazz lost Memhet Okur in the 1st quarter of this game to a possible achilles tendon tears/rupture. The one thing I do know is that the Jazz started strong with CJ Miles setting the tone with a dunk early in the game, but the Jazz ran out of gas and able bodies at the end. The Nuggets seemed to not really want to play in the first half last night. The Jazz hit them in the mouth and they just seemed to be ok with it. In the 3rd, Melo woke up and decided that he needed to start scoring. Melo ended the game with 42 and the Nuggets rolled to a 1-0 series lead. The Jazz are really in trouble, I mean really.

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