Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NBA Trade - Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trailblazers have worked out a deal to send Marcus Camby to the Blazers for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw. The deal should be completed by the end of the day today but should eventually help both teams.

The Clippers will get rid of Camby which will give them a more traditional PF with Craig Smith or Blake Griffin (when healthy) in that role. By bringing in Outlaw, they get someone who can fill the SF spot over Rasual Butler and provide some punch right away. Outlaw has show streaks of brilliance while with the Blazers coming off the bench. Steve Blake will come in and be able to give Baron Davis a rest without missing a beat on offense.

The Blazers get Camby is a veteran leader and may be able to get these young Blazers to focus on the playoffs (and more) by being the man in the middle. He may want to get some insurance though because their men in the middle haven’t fared well this season. I’ll look forward to the Blazers defense picking it up a little and making them an interesting team come playoff time.


Clippers - B – They get rid of Camby’s contract and they get a young scorer in Outlaw. Steve Blake is a helluva throw in because he can run a team as your backup point guard.

Blazers - B – They get a veteran leader who can possibly help them bridge the gap for a center for the remainder of the year. As long as Camby doesn’t take any of those ugly jumpers from the top of the key, this works great.

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