Wednesday, October 06, 2010

You Can Always Go Home

It looks like the deal is almost completed that will send Randy Moss back to his old stomping grounds in Minnesota from the Patriots.  The Patriots are asking for a 3rd round pick but more importantly, Moss won’t be getting a new deal out of this trade.  (Normally, the team that acquires the player gives him a new deal).  We can all agree that Moss has been a godsend for the Patriots while he’s been there while catching 23 of Tom Brady’s record 50 TD passes a few seasons ago.  He was the deep threat that helped stretch the field and make the Wes Welkers of the world better.  But we also knew that Randy was/is a piece of work, whose desire has been questioned on a few occasions (link).  In the end, Moss gets his wish to get out of Foxboro. 

What does this mean for the Vikes?  Well, right now, Brett Favre needs a downfield threat.  The Vikes could end up with with Moss, Shiancoe (when healthy), Harvin, Rice (when healthy) and Adrian Peterson.  That’s a dangerous squad to cover if I’m a defense.  Add in Favre’s 41 year old arm and that Vikes defense and the Vikes would definitely be a team to watch come the playoffs.  Favre wanted the Packers to get Moss years ago, but Ted Thompson whiffed on that opportunity.  Maybe Favre and Moss in Minny is the way to go.

Is this a good trade?  If so, for whom?  With this 3rd round pick the Patriots would have 2 picks in each of the first 4 rounds of next years’ draft. 


Wade said...

I'm not too sure that this is a huge boost to the Vikings. Sure, it gives them another weapon, but Moss has been underperforming with Brady at the helm. I don't see how he is going to do any better with Favre playing his age. The only way this helps the Vikings is if this rejuvenates Favre to the point of being the QB he was last season.

I also think it was a good deal for the Patriots, since they are now in prime position to wrap up a lot of young talent.

Inquisitive Mind said...

I don't think that he was necessarily under performing, I think it was more of defenses keying on Moss because they really didn't have much else. The emergence of Hernandez at TE has helped, but they had Welker coming off of knee surgery and no running game. The Vikings have to tread water until they get Rice back and then they have lots of options on offense.

The Patriots will have a lot of young talent, but their secondary is full of young talent and up until this last game against Miami, no one was excited about that talent. The Patriots will be able to make moves with all those picks, but they are going to have to because they don't pay people (ask Mankins).