Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 MLB Playoffs - Yankees/Rangers and Phillies/Giants

Wednesday night we have two pivotal games and the results of one still has me puzzled.  


In the Yankees/Rangers game C.C showed why he is a great pitcher and put his team on his back and helped them live to see another day. Let's hope the Rangers are not getting complacent knowing that they have Cliff Lee waiting for game seven. If that is the case then the old saying 'Be careful what you wish for' may bite them in the butt.


Now in the other series we have the game that has me puzzled. I saw consistent mistakes from the pitchers, former MVP's and a manager. Charlie Manuel is a World Series champion manager and his decision making at times must be questioned. Prime example, pitching a pitcher who has not pitched in 19 games in a big time game. Former MVP Jimmy Rollins in the 8th inning with a man on second and no outs refuses to play small ball and move the runner over. That sequence is inexcusable for a veteran like that. The game could have been won right there and maybe the series. Lastly, we have to look at some of the pitch selection of some of these pitchers in critical situations, you have to be able to make adjustments on the fly and all series the Phillies pitchers have not. Before the series started all we heard was that the experience of the Phillies along with their talent was the decided advantage. Well from my view the Giants look like the experienced and hungrier team with all their clutch hitting. Yes, the series by no means is over but it is getting very close.
Live from the classroom, class is dismissed.

- Philly Educator

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Delsin said...

Charlie Manual is trying to give SF the series. How about putting Oswalt in relief the game before? That's a desperation move you save for the 13th or 14th inning, not the 9th.