Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bad News Bulls

Part of the free agent summer of 2010, the Bulls signed Carlos Boozer to a 5 year $75M deal.  Their investment just tripped over a bag at his residence and broke his hand.  Boozer will be out for approximately 8 weeks with this injury.  This isn't the way that the Bulls wanted to start the season off.  How is it that so many athletes who have to be agile and mobile tend to trip over all types of things and get injuredHere and Here.

Are athletes normally clumsy?  How does he do this right before the start of camp?  What else is going to happen for the Bulls?


Delsin said...

I don't buy the "tripped over my bag" story one bit. btw, on Tuesday he announced he's getting divorced. Probably realized he's gonna have to split the $80M deal he just signed and punched right through a wall.

Creative make believe story by Pax and Forman though..probably the first creative thing they've done in years.

Inquisitive Mind said...

Yeah that kinda sucks if that's the case. But it's a great story to cover it up. At least he didn't hit her. We'll see what the team does.