Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 7 Picks

Week 7 and we're looking good.  Lots of parity or at least a lot of teams playing badly right now.  The league has sent out videos to teach these guys how to hit and I'm not sure that it's something that many will take into practice.  These players have been taught how to play the game and punishing people is part of the game.  You never want to hurt someone, but you do want them thinking about you and not the play that they are about to make.  Anyways, back to the picks.  Here they are,...............

Cincinnati @ Atlanta – The Falcons are looking to bounce back from that debacle last week where they didn’t show up against the Eagles.  The Bengals are looking for ways to ignite their offense and all of the pressure seems to be squarely on Carson Palmer’s shoulders (and rightly so).  Palmer hasn’t played well this season and he has tons of weapons.  The Bengals don't have a backup for Palmer, except his little brother and we all know that inserting him in the game would be a huge mistake.  I guess the Bengals have to dance with the lady they brung.  Winner - Falcons.

Washington @ Chicago – After a humbling loss last week against the Seahawks, what Bears team will show up?  The Bears are going to have to bring it this weekend.  The Redskins are a solid team with a decent offense, but they are underrated on the defensive side of the ball.  The Bears normally play McNabb tough, but I imagine that you’ll see a big game from Arakbo and Landry, and maybe, just maybe big Haynesworth shows up this weekend.  Go with the team with the better offense.  Winner – Redskins.    

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay – Hmmmm,….this is a pretty even game.  The Rams can run the ball and they seem to be playing pretty well as of late.  They have you thinking that on any weekend they can beat pretty much anyone.  There’s nothing to do in Tampa (except strip clubs, but I wouldn’t know anything about those), so I imagine that the Rams come to town and play a solid game and escape with a win.  Winner – Rams. 

San Francisco @ Carolina – It worked last week, so let’s try it again.  The 49ers get their 2nd win of the season.  They have got to solve the issue that is their QB situation, but they are limited by having only Alex Smith and David Carr, but they do have former Ravens QB Troy Smith as their 3rd QB.  Come one Singletary, Troy can’t be that bad.  Winner – 49ers. 

Buffalo @ Baltimore – The Ravens get Ed Reed back to help that defense get better and hopefully they can find TJ Houshmandzadeh and get him off the milk carton he’s been on all year.  This will be a long trip home for the Bills after this but whuppin.  Winner – Ravens.

Philadelphia @ Tennessee – Kevin Kolb gets the start.  (Think before you type the next sentence IM).  Last week I let my feelings be known about Kevin Kolb and he went out and destroyed the Atlanta team (my fantasy team defense), so with that said what do I say this weekend about him?  I don’t think that he can do it two weeks in a row.  The Titans will maybe have VY on a gimpy knee, but if they have Kerry Collins, this turns into an even contest.  The Titans defense is pretty stingy and they are a feisty group and the Eagles will be without DeSean Jackson.  I expect a lot of 8 in the box to stop the Eagles running game.  Because ‘in Kolb, I don’t trust’, I have to go with the Titans.  Winner – Titans. 

Jacksonville @ Kansas City – The Chiefs lost a close one last week, that they should have won.  Jacksonville is starting, who?  In Kansas City?  This has blowout written all over it.  Winner – Chiefs.

Pittsburgh @ Miami – Big Ben in game 2 of his season.  He looked a little rusty last week, but I still will look for the Dolphins to make him make a mistake in the passing game while trying to load the box and stop Mendenhall.  Miami, can run the ball, but this is the Steelers defense and I don’t care what these guys were told about playing, they are going to hit people in the mouth and take names.  Look for a lot of penalties in this game.  Winner – Steelers. 

Cleveland @ New Orleans – This game ought to be entertaining and may not be the blowout that some expect.  McCoy played decently against the Steelers last week and he actually may have Cribbs and Massaquoi back from concussions.  This will be a very interesting test for the Browns this weekend.  The Saints are looking to keep throwing the ball downfield and seem to be on the uptick as of late with their play.  Winner – Saints. 

Arizona @ Seattle – After a surprising win against the Bears last week the Seahawks return home and get the Cardinals.  They can’t lose this game, right?  They seem to be turning the corner, right?  Okung played well against Peppers last week, so he should be ready for an active Cardinals defense, right?  Winner – Seahawks. 

New England @ San Diego – No Gates, No Merriman, No Jackson.  San Deigo can’t seem to get to the games on time because they seem to wait and start playing in the second half.  The Chargers will have to run the ball a little more, but I just don’t see them playing well enough to win against a suddenly hot Patriots team.  How many points will both teams score?  Let me know your over/under.  Winner – Patriots. 

Oakland @ Denver – Starting at QB for the Raiders, Kyle Boller.  (Crickets chirping).  Jason Campbell bombed, Bruce Gradkowski is hurt and he bombed, so why not go with QB #3?  (This week must be an ode to former Ravens QBs).  The Raiders should get back McFadden from a hamstring injury and they should actually go into this game with no stress on them since I don’t think that anyone outside of their locker room thinks they will win.  They are playing in Denver and I expect that it’ll be close, but the Broncos should eek this one out.  Winner – Broncos. 

Minnesota @ Green Bay – Brett Favre returns to Green Bay in purple.  Yeah!!!!  This would be a bigger deal if the Vikings had a better record.  The Packers are beat up all over the place.  Marshawn Lynch would have looked great in the Green and Gold.  This should be a shootout if the Packers can protect Rodgers, otherwise, the Packers 2nd stringer should prepare to play this weekend.  Winner – Vikings.

New York Giants @ Dallas – The Cowboys need a win badly.  They are playing in their billion dollar stadium on Monday night in front of the world.  I think that everyone’s job is on the line despite Jerry Jones’ statements to the contrary.  The Giants are starting to roll and play a lot better and this will be a rough game for the Cowboys to have to win.  The Cowboys need to go a lot of 3 receiver sets and find Dez Bryant for his coming out party.  We’ll see what happens.  Winner – Cowboys.  

Who you got?!?!?!?  

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