Monday, October 04, 2010

Noah Inks Extension

The Bulls have signed Joakim Noah to 5 year $60M deal last night.  This probably brings to a definitive end any discussions about Noah being included in any Carmelo Anthony deal that the Bulls would be discussing and now it squarely puts Derrick Rose as the next target for the Bulls to re-sign.  At an average of $12M a year, is this a good deal for a guy who averages a double double and really has no offensive game? 

Brendan Haywood got 6 years $55M deal this summer (averages $9.2M a year)

Emeka Okafor got his 6 year $72M deal in 2008 (averages $12M a year)

Tyrus Thomas got his 5 year $40M deal this summer (averages $8M a year)

Tyson Chandler got his 6 year $63M deal from the Bulls in 2004 (averages $10.5 a year)

On the face of this deal, it looks fair for the Bulls.  Yes, it is a little high, but for the heart and soul of your team, you have to pay a little extra.  It will all come down to how well Noah plays next year.  If he regresses then this becomes a terrible deal, but if he plays at the same level, he earned this one.  Think about it, Noah is arguably in the top 5 in centers in the East and top 10 in the NBA. 

Did they overpay?  Are centers really that important anymore?  Should the Bulls have sent Noah off to get Carmelo? 

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