Friday, October 01, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 4 Picks

Yes, we're running late today with the picks, but hey, sometimes the day job gets in the way of the fun.  But the day job allows us to have fun.  Remember that.  Looking to make last week go away and try to get something with at least 10 or 11 picks right.  We'll see.  Good luck to McNabb in his return to Philly this week. 

San Francisco @ Atlanta – The Falcons proved me right last week with a W against the Saints and I think they have to get it going so that they can make this NFC race a good one. It’s a home game and the 49ers are bringing in a crew with a new OC and lots to work on. This could get dicey, but I expect a big game from Matty Ice. Winner – Falcons.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland – The Battle of Ohio. Too bad this won’t be too much of a battle. Looks like Jake Delhomme is starting at QB and that pretty much says it all. The Bengals have got to get it going or they are going to be sitting at the bottom of their division soon. The best thing for a QB that’s struggling is to hand the ball off. Cedric Benson should go for almost 150 in this game. Winner – Bengals.

New York Jets @ Buffalo – Last week I said the Bills didn’t have a chance and they came thisclose to beating the Patriots. Let’s say that it was a fluke. Winner – Jets.

Seattle @ St. Louis – I’m having a problem with this game. The Seahawks are not impressing me but something about them says don’t give up on them yet. Hasselbeck has some talent around him and some talent to protect him. He’s still a decent QB and that’s got to mean something. The Rams will be either with a slightly injured Steven Jackson or without a slightly injured Steven Jackson. Without a running game this is an easy pick. Winner – Seahawks.

Denver @ Tennessee – Let VY continue to roll on. This team is finding a way to get it done each week. Jeff Fisher normally has pretty good defensive teams, but VY is making sure that people can’t load the box to stop Chris Johnson. Winner – Titans.

Detroit @ Green Bay – After losing that game against the Bears last week, I imagine that the scoreboard operator is going to have a hard time keeping up with the Packers this week. Detroit will be able to score also, but I want to see how Calvin Johnson does against the Green Bay corners. He’s got height on them, but will Shaun Hill be alive to throw the ball? Winner – Packers.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh – There will be a number of bruises after this game. All I have to say is that Rashard Mendenhall may not want to ever talk trash to Ray Lewis again after what happened last year with Rashards’ shoulder. The Steelers will plan on running the ball and I expect Mendenhall and Lewis to meet on several occasions. This is a tough one to pick. I like the Ravens, but that Steeler defense is playing out of their minds right now. Can I pick both teams? Would that count? Winner – Ravens.

Carolina @ New Orleans – Unless Drew Brees and half the offense don’t play, there’s no question about this one. Winner –Saints.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville – This is the last thing that the Jaguars needed, a visit from Peyton Manning when he is playing this well. Add to the fact that I could probably start for the Jaguars at QB and it’s just not looking good. Winner – Colts.

Houston @ Oakland – Two teams going in opposite directions. What’s up with the QB situation in Oakland? I thought that given the right opportunity that Jason Campbell could work out there nad he’s sitting on the bench behind a guy who’s name most people can’t spell. They have a running game this year and I just thought things would be better. (Shaking head) Sad. Winner – Texans.

Washington @ Philadelphia – Oh, how I would love this game if Kolb were playing. It’d be a blowout for the Redskins and Donovan would actually have to shake his and Andy Reid’s hand at mid field after the game. Alas, no Kolb, but there will be a Mike Vick sighting and it has nothing to do with dogs. Vick is on a roll and now that he understands that a pocket is something you throw out of, he’s probably the most dangerous QB in the league. Winner – Eagles.

Arizona @ San Diego – Why do the Chargers play like this? IT CAN’T BE THE TALENT!!! Someone, please go to and put out a job description for the Head Coach for the San Diego Chargers. The first line would be ‘Anyone except Norv Turner’. These guys waste talent every game by playing lackadaisical football. But they’re playing at home and it’s the Cardinals. Winner – Chargers.

Chicago @ New York Giants – I said last week that the Giants have folded their tent. We’ll see how far from the camping grounds they have driven after this game. The Bears have stopped the run, but can’t run. They’ve gotten luck from the two games at home and 1 team that hasn’t played well against them. They are 3-0 and I think everyone is surprised. I have to pick the Bears, right? Winner – Bears.

New England @ Miami – The Dolphins almost pulled it off last week and I think that they do it this week. The Patriots have shown us that they can’t play defense and Chad Henne had a helluva game last week against the Jets. More Henne and a few more touches by the running back by committee and the Dolphins go home happy. Winner – Dolphins.

Those are my picks. Who you got?

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