Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 5 Wrap Up

Whew,…Week 5 was a tough one.  More close games than I thought.  Let’s see how we did.

Jacksonville @ Buffalo – This is what happens when you bring in Trent Edwards as your backup.  No QB worth his salt would ever want to lose his spot to Edwards.  I will say this again, Garrard is playing as well as I’ve ever seen him play.  Maybe he’s found a way to turn back time.  MJD had a decent game before leaving with an injury, so let’s hope it’s not too serious.  The Bills seemed to perform well with Fitzpatrick at the helm.  Can you imagine that a QB from Harvard is actually playing in the NFL?  Inquisitive Mind 1 – 0 for the week. 

Tampa Bay @ Cincinnati – Ok, I’m done.  I don’t know if I can continue to pick these guys and get games like this.  It’s almost as if the Bengals feel like they should have won this game by scoring the first TD and then they let up.  Benson had a big game with 144 yards (on 23 carries), but the rest of this team stunk it up (well, excluding TO – 7 catches for 102 yards and a TD).  Palmer had 3 picks against that defense?  I’m done.  Count me as one of those who say it’s over for Marvin Lewis and that they should just go ahead and blow it all up.  Inquisitive Mind 1 – 1 for the week. 

Atlanta @ Cleveland – It took a while for this one to happen, but the Falcons finally pulled this out.  The Browns played them a lot tougher than I think many thought.  I did like the fact that the Falcons got Turner involved for his 140 yards (on 19 carries), but Matt Ryan’s struggles (the last two weeks) have got me nervous.  The Falcons can say that they are 4-1 though, which is about all you can expect.  We need to watch this team, but they have got to be more consistent.  Inquisitive Mind 2 – 1 for the week. 

St. Louis @ Detroit – Shaun Hill where have you been all of my life?  That’s got to be what the Lions have been thinking since Matthew Stafford got hurt.  This was a blowout of epic proportions.  I’m not even sure that this team could score 44 points on their practice field against the practice players.  Hill was an efficient 21 of 32 (I thought he was better than that) for 227 yards and 3 TDs.  The Lions weren’t able to run the ball but their defense stepped up including an INT (first of his career) by Ndamukong Suh (a defensive tackle for those who don’t know). Inquisitive Mind 3 – 1 for the week. 

Kansas City @ Indianapolis – Oh so close!!!!  The Chiefs came out and played a pretty good game against the Colts, but lost down the stretch.  They made Peyton Manning look pedestrian but their own QB, Matt Cassel looked worst.  I think we can honestly say that this Matt Cassel experiment is the worst thing ever for the Chiefs.  I think Joe Montana and his Sketchers would be a good pick up right now.  Inquisitive Mind 3 – 2 for the week. 

Green Bay @ Washington – It’s hard to feel sorry for people in Green Bay, but I think it’s time we take up a goodwill offering for them.  This team had Superbowl aspirations, but it looks like they won’t have enough players by the end of the season to even dress 22.  Yes, the Redskins are beat up too, but even if they were healthy, many never expected this (except me, ha!!!!).  Redskins escape with a win and the Packers take another loss that’s going to hurt them more than they think as the Bears seem to be running away with the division. Inquisitive Mind 4 – 2 for the week. 

Chicago @ Carolina – Again, I must be on a roll.  The Bears pulled Collins and put in Hanie and let the Hanie Experiment go, except this time, no Charles Barkley.  This was about what you expected out of the game.  The Panthers suck and they showed it on Sunday.  I almost started to feel sorry for Jimmy Clausen, although he did go to Notre Dame.  With the game over, I will say this:  The Panthers need a good #1 receiver (get healthy Steve Smith) and a decent #2 and they will be able to play.  Their defense kept an inept Bears offense in check, but at least they hustled and made some plays.  It didn’t turn into that 44-6 debacle in Detroit.  So, Malik, there is hope for your Panthers, but it just looks very dim right now.  Inquisitive Mind 5 – 2 for the week. 

Denver @ Baltimore – We knew that the Ravens struggled in the passing game, both their own and defending one, but that defense got stops when they needed to.  Kyle Orton threw for 300+ yards again (take that in for a second).  To make matters worse he has thrown for 300+ in 4 out of the 5 games Denver has played this year and he missed the other one by 5 yards (he threw for 295 against the Jaguars).  Joe Flacco, please take notes or something because the Ravens need you in the 240+ yards per game passing area for them to win.  This game the Ravens got 233 yards on the ground, with the majority coming from Rice (133 yards) and McGahee (67 yards).  Where did this version of Brandon Lloyd come from?  Inquisitive Mind 6 – 2 for the week. 

New York Giants @ Houston – Matt Schaub made it out of Houston alive.  The Giants didn’t have the number of sacks that they had against the Bears, but they got to Schaub and just made everyone’s life with a Texans jersey horrible.  Arian Foster looked like an undrafted free agent with 25 yards, and Eli Manning was his brother for Halloween, or at least for this game, with a 27 of 42 for 297 yards, 3 TDs, and 2 INT performance. Inquisitive Mind 7 – 2 for the week. 

New Orleans @ Arizona – Maybe all Fitzgerald needed to do was to not get first downs and keep the Cardinals defense on the field.  The Cardinals defense held the Saints to 20 points and intercepted Drew Brees 3 times to get this win at home.  The Saints are done.  Can you say that?  Done!!  Inquisitive Mind 7 – 3 for the week. 

San Diego @ Oakland – Yes this was a showdown and this underscores the need for the Chargers to get a new head coach.  Yes, in these division rivals, you pretty much can’t bet on a win, but with this game, the Chargers had won the last 13 in a row.  How do you lose to this Raiders team?  I can say that I was happy to see Jason Campbell back on the field looking good.  It helps when you have a running game (Michael Bush – 104 yards on 26 carries and 1 TD).  Inquisitive Mind 7 – 4 for the week. 

Tennessee @ Dallas – This was a dismantling of the Cowboys.  The Titans beat them every which way possible and even when the Cowboys scored to tie the game (celebration penalty), they still had something bad happen to them (Mariani’s big return that setup the last TD for the Titans).  I think you can pretty much cancel the Cowboys playing in the Superbowl in Dallas until the next time they host it.  At least I did predict a big game for Miles Austin.  Dayum Cowboys!!!  Inquisitive Mind 7 – 5 for the week. 

Philadelphia @ San Francisco – Ok, there are only 2 things I can say about this game: 1) Kolb didn’t look that bad (but it was one week, let’s see about next week) and 2) Alex Smith is a starter for an NFL team?  That’s really a question and a statement.  Carr should have been benched.  I think I was excited as the entire Bay Area when I saw Chris Carr start warming up, but Singletary stuck with Smith.  Hey, this might end up being a feel good story if Smith performs well the rest of the season, but in my opinion, we should only be able to see that if Carr gets injured.  In other words, bench that trick!!!!  Inquisitive Mind 7 – 6 for the week. 

Minnesota @ New York Jets – Well, I guess we had it all last night.  The rain, the Vikings forgetting how to block a simple blitz, the Vikings defense playing lights out, the Jets defense playing pretty well themselves, Santonio Holmes reminding people how much of a threat he’s going to be over the rest of the season, Randy Moss playing in his old 84, and another Brett Favre crying episode (before the game).  That pretty much explains it all.  Favre had a terrible time last night doing the easy stuff, like holding on to the ball.  He ended up not only eclipsing the 70,000 yard mark (think about that for a second or two) and the most fumbles (he is now on 161 for his career).  Cromartie played Moss pretty well while Revis looked a little pedestrian and may have re-injured himself.  The Jets snuck this one out and that’s all it’s about.  Inquisitive Mind 7 – 7 for the week. 

Another .500 week?  This is getting pathetic.  I may have to solely pay attention to the day job after a performance like this.  This puts me squarely behind (at 42-34 for the season) half of the crew at ESPN, but we got a long way to go baby!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cincy stinks and I hate to say it, I really think its Marvin Lewis. For years he has collected a bunch of at risks guys to try to make them work together. The Boys Town of football. Its reminds of how colleges (ie. Central State back in the day) attracted good athletes that academically couldn't cut it other places. It caught up to them eventually, as it has for the bungles. If Marv doesn't go deep into the playoffs (if they make it), he is done.

And alex smith has thrown 300+ yards in 6 years, why is he not playing for the Argonauts by now?

Inquisitive Mind said...

They have to get rid of Lewis this year. Palmer hasn't been the same since his knee got blown out, but they have a 1100 yard runner and tons of offensive talent. The defense has gotten better but still nothing out of it.

Alex Smith shouldn't even be able to make the Argonots. He is terrible. They should have benches him last night and they would have won. Carr is decent if he isn't still too shell shocked.

cjames30082 said...

I can't say the saints are done. If they can get healthy they will be back. That's a BIG IF though.

My Cowboys are just laying an egg in every way possible. Maybe this is a good thing and the Cowboys can go get Bill Cowher.

Anonymous said...

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