Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Plaxico Update

The Giants have suspended Plaxico Burress for 4 games and put him on the reserve non-injury list which means two things: 1) He's done for the year with Giants, including the playoffs. 2) He won't be getting a check for the rest of the year.

Burress attended practice today, which was for injured players to receive their treatment. The team doctors concluded the gun shot wound would take him out of football for 4-6 weeks anyway.

This looks to get worse for Plaxico, Antonio Pierce, and Ahmad Bradshaw. Friends, don't let friends go to the club with a gun in their pants.
What would you have done if you were Antonio Pierce? Would you have just called the police and waited for them to get there?

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cinco said...

Yes, call the police and wait. What's with the attempt to hide anything? Guilty behaviors? Stupidity? Hoping no one will notice the gunshot? I don't know.
I know we live in the age of 'not snitching', but a person should feel good about telling the plain truth. Especially if his own neck is on the line...