Friday, December 26, 2008

NFL Week 17 Match Up

This is my last chance. Looking for that perfect week.

St. Louis @ Atlanta - Well, the Falcons are in the playoffs and the Rams aren't playing for anything. I don't even think they are playing to win this week. The Falcons still have a chance for the NFC South title. Winner - Falcons

New England @ Buffalo - You'll have all of the NYJ fans rooting for the Bills. The Patriots are going to be without some of their defensive stalwarts (read: old guys) and a chance to win the AFC East is waiting for them. Let me say this, I don't like Belicheat, but this would be a hell of a coaching job if he gets this team into the playoffs. Buffalo has surprised over the last two weeks. Let's see if they can do it again. Winner - Bills

Kansas City @ Cincinnati - Can we just flip a coin and give the win to one of these teams? I mean, there's nothing about this game that many people will want to watch. Let's see (flipping coin). Winner - Bengals

Detroit @ Green Bay - All I have to say is that Aaron Rodgers can NOT lose this game. If he has to play both sides of the ball, he has to make sure the Lions go winless. Winner - Packers

Tennessee @ Indianapolis - This ought to be a good game. The Titans come to Indy and the Colts are looking marvelous darling. This is a statement game for the Colts, they win this, and people are going to forget about the Steelers at least for a while. Winner - Colts

New York Giants @ Minnesota - The only reason that the Giants will win this game is because Tom Coughlin won't let his guys relax. They gotta go into the playoffs winning and hope that it translates. The Vikings need this game to lock up the NFC North, can they do it? Winner - Giants

Carolina @ New Orleans - Another statement game for the Panthers. The last one they lost (to the Giants) and now they have a chance to right that wrong. Drew Brees needs 402 yards to break Dan Marino's passing record, if he gets it, the Panthers are done. Winner - Panthers

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh - No chance. That's what the Browns have. Game 17, at Heinz Field, with the Steelers coming off a loss. Winner - Steelers

Oakland @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs have a chance to get into the playoffs but they have to beat the team in front of them and right now, that's a good thing. The Bucs get the reeling Raiders and they get them at home, where that Tampa defense plays well. I expect the them to. Winner - Bucs

Chicago @ Houston - I want the Bears to win, but this game really scares me. They don't have the weather (from playing in Chicago) to help, they are having some problems on both sides of the ball, and the Texans are playing well. This is almost a coin flip too. Winner - Texans

Jacksonville @ Baltimore - So you're telling me you have a rookie QB and all he has to do is help you win this one game and you make the playoffs? You're playing at home and you have Ray Lewis and that defense. Winner - Ravens

Washington @ San Francisco - Well, Singletary is coming back next year and Jim Zorn has turned his team from a winner to something else. Neither of these teams are going to the playoffs. I'm rooting for Jason Campbell to play well. This is another coin flip. Winner - Redskins

Miami @ New York Jets - This is it. Brett Favre, this is why you came out of retirement. This is why you came to the J-E-T-S. This is it. You win this game and the Packers have to eat some crow, right? Winner - Jets

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Whew!!! This is the game that I want to be sitting at and watching. TO comes to town with a need to win to get into the playoffs. Donovan needs to win in order to keep the Eagles slim playoff hopes alive. Dallas has to win this game or heads will roll. Winner - Eagles

Seattle @ Arizona - Ok Cardinals, you made the playoffs a few weeks ago but since then you haven't done a thing. Show us that you can win a game, I mean just one game to make us feel like you will be a playoff threat. Please?!?!! Winner - Cardinals

Denver @ San Diego - I'm so pissed about this game. You mean to tell me as bad as the Chargers have played the entire year, that if they win this game, they are going to the playoffs?!?!? That has got to be some luck or just destiny. I guess we'll see. Winner - Chargers

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