Monday, December 15, 2008

NBA Round Up 12-15-08

Memphis - Free Antoine!!!! Maybe this will happen soon. Walker is expecting a buy out from the Grizzlies soon. After that, he's a free agent who could still give you some quality minutes a night. Any takers?

Golden State - Buyer's remorse? The Warriors are already trying to trade one of their most prized free agent pickups in Corey Maggette. Why? You just paid him $50M over 5 years and he's one of your best players. Me thinks that this one doesn't get much farther than the feelers that the Warriors put out. Why is this dude always slept on when you have a team that needs scoring?
Denver - With the Nuggets looking for another big to go along with Nene and Kenyon Martin, Linas Kleiza definitely has his bags packed. Who can use a 6'10" forward with a propensity to shoot the ball from 3? There should be lots of takers for Kleiza, especially in the West.

Golden State - On the comeback. This is the week that Monta Ellis will be coming off the suspended list. Another cog to be added to the Warriors backcourt. This issue is who are the Warriors going to let go in order to put him on the roster? DeMarcus Nelson, Rob Kurz, or Marcus Williams, one of them should have their bags packed.

Sacramento - Brad Miller's time with the Kings may be coming to an end. With the play of Spencer Hawes and the rest of the rookies (Jason Thompson) playing well, the Kings may part with their veteran center. Miller has always been a decent center and I expect the line to be long for a guy who can rebound and bury the jumper from 15 ft.

Los Angeles - A fresh start? Seems that Darius Miles has worked out for the Clippers in hopes of a reunion with the team that drafted him. If Miles is healthy and can play, he'll have to serve a suspension first, but he'd be able to continue his career in LA. If Doc Rivers didn't think he could play anymore, I doubt that this will really happen. But we shall see. **It seems Miles has been signed by the Grizzlies. Thanks to AverageBro for hitting us up with that information.

Philadelphia - Another coach gone? Why? I mean Mo Cheeks has done everything that the organization asked him to do. The Sixers haven't meshed well with the new addition of Elton Brand, but isn't some of that karma and the way Brand left the Clippers? I didn't want to see Cheeks gone and it's just a rough vocation to be in now with all of these firings. Good luck Mo, we'll see you coaching again soon.


AverageBro said...

Walker - Toast. He had nothing for the TWolves last year, and likely even less now. Retire with dignity.

Golden State - Maggette can only put up good numbers when there's no competition for shots. The Worriers have Monta, Stack Jax, Jamal Crawford, Morrow, Azubuike, Bellinelli and CJ Watson. The signing was dumb in the first place. Kurz or Nelson are easy cuts. Williams still has some trade value.

Kleiza - He would be a solid backup for Caron Butler and played prep ball in Rockville. How about Kleiza and Chucky for Etan Thomas?

Miles - Just signed with the Grizz. Update your post. Rumor has it they did this to screw the Blazers cap situation since Miles' $9M goes back on their books if he plays 10 games this year.

Philly - Still beat the Wiz, Mo or no Mo. They should have given him more time, but everyone expected a Celtics-like turnaround. Brand is this generation's Wayman Tisdale: he puts up numbers but doesn't effect the end result. He never has been a defender. I told you this was a so-so signing and thus far it's turned out to be. Philly is a running team that needs shooters to surround Brand if he's supposed to be good.

How about Deshawn "Feel My Face" Stevenson for Louis Williams?

Eddie Jordan is allegedly already lined up as Cheeks' replacement.

Inquisitive Mind said...

All of this sucks. The Wizards are done, just admit it, matter what they do. That franchise is supposed to lose.

Reggie Theus is job hunting too.