Friday, December 19, 2008

NFL Week 16 Match Up

(Yes this post will go on even though the Colts /Jags game was already played. But I couldn't pick the Jaguars by any means. I'm honest folks)

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville - This is a game that the Colts have to win. The Jaguars normally scare them at least once a year. I gotta go with Peyton Manning and give the Colts this win as they head towards the playoffs. Winner - Colts

Baltimore @ Dallas - This is the biggest game of the Ravens season with that terrible loss to the Steelers still hanging not so freshly in the air. This is the last game at Texas Stadium and I hope the Ravens close it out in grand style. This is a heart pick. Winner - Ravens

Cincinnati @ Cleveland - I guess one of these teams has to win right? Nope, they could get a tie. I'd imagine that would be the best way for this game to end. Who do you pick? This is really a hard one. Winner - Bengals

San Francisco @ St. Louis - Another game with two bad teams. This one is for Mike Singletary. Winner - 49ers

New Orleans @ Detroit - 0-15 here we come. This could actually be a win for the Lions too. I might actually watch this one because if the Lions lose they play Green Bay the last game of the season and I guarantee you that the last thing Aaron Rodgers wants to go down in history for is losing to a defeated team. Winner - Saints

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee - This is a whopper. Do the Titans bounce back from their terrible outing against Houston or do they continue to falter down the stretch. This is for home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The Steelers don't lose these games. Never. Winner - Steelers

Miami @ Kansas City - This is easy pickins for the Dolphins if they can hold up in the cold. How windy will it be in KC? Chad Pennington doesn't have that strong an arm. Always go with the better coached team. Winner - Dolphins

Arizona @ New England - Another warm weather team visiting some cold weather. Yes, Kurt Warner has some MVP votes, but if they don't turn it around soon, it could be a quick out for the Cardinals in the playoffs. The New England defense is dead, or at least very hurt and they are still ancient. I gotta go with the Cards in a close one. I may regret this pick though. Winner - Cardinals

San Diego @ Tampa Bay - In past years this would be a marquee matchup, especially this late in the season. For now, the Bucs have their playoff fate in their hands and they can't get run on 3 games in a row. I will not be crying on Sunday afternoon after this game. Winner - Bucs

Houston @ Oakland - Win the games that you're supposed to win. Winner - Texans

Buffalo @ Denver - Weren't these two playoff teams a few weeks ago? This was a stinker for the Bills when they first met and I expect much of the same this time around too. Winner - Broncos

New York Jets @ Seattle - Mike Holmgren's last game in Seattle and he gets Brett Favre. This can't even be written any better, even if someone tried. The Jets, all feelings aside, HAVE to win this game in order to win their division and go to the playoffs. I mean HAVE like if they lose this game, Bill Belicheck will be considered a genius for guiding that Patriots team into the playoffs. Winner - Jets

Atlanta @ Minnesota - Interesting for all NFC Central players. If the Vikings win, they hold their own destiny in their hands and they pretty much kill the Bears chances of doing anything but ending the season early. I'll just say that you'll see a lot of people rooting for the Falcons in Chi-town. Winner - Falcons

Philadelphia @ Washington - With their season pretty much a wrap, the Redskins are playing for their coach Jim Zorn. Don't know if that's a good thing or not. The Eagles seem to be on a train of destiny to at least make it interesting to see if they can make the playoffs. I'm riding with them. Winner - Eagles

Carolina @ New York Giants - Should be another whopper. The Giants still need to prove that they are the juggernaut that we thought they were and that will help with Brandon Jacobs returning to the lineup. Two good/great defenses, and I gotta go with the one that you'd never thought would win this game. Winner - Panthers

Green Bay @ Chicago - With the weather scheduled to be in the minuses on Monday in Chicago, this is going to be a great game. I'll watch it on TV, that stadium is cold when it's 50 degrees outside, and I won't step into to it in negative territory. The Bears have to win to keep their playoff hopes alive although their fate may already be sealed prior to kickoff. At least Aaron Rodgers can say that he beat the Bears, right? Winner - Bears

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