Thursday, December 11, 2008

NFL Week 15 Matchup

Let's see what we have. The last two weeks have been teerrible, so we'll see if we can't right the ship.

New Orleans @ Chicago - This ought to be interesting, the Bears finally get some kind of home field advantage. It'll be cold and that will mean that the Saints will need to rely on their passing game. There are a few people hurt on each side and still some Duce in NO. Always pick the cold weather team in the cold, right? Winner - Bears

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - After getting run on by the Panthers to the tune of 299 yards, the Bucs get a good Falcons team which is just as dangerous. That AFC South title just got more interesting if the Bucs win this game. The issue is, it's a home game for the Falcons and they play well at home while the Bucs defense doesn't play well on the road. We know the Bucs are small up front and have problems against bigger running/pounding teams. I'm going with my heart on this one, the Bucs won't let last week happen again. Winner - Bucs

Detroit @ Indianapolis - Can we just go ahead and give them 0-16? I mean last week was really their only chance to win a game. The Colts have this game at home and there is no way they lose this game. The Lions should be looking at their final game against Green Bay, who should be out of the playoff push by then, as their only possible win. Winner - Colts

San Diego @ Kansas City - How bad of a year can it be for the Chargers? Would losing to the Chiefs just be the end of it? There's a chance that could happen. The Chiefs are playing better and the Chargers are still missing something (lots of talent, but no way to tie it together). Pride is on the line here. LT may retire if they lose this game. With that said, I want to see him play next year. Winner - Chargers

Seattle @ St. Louis - Two very bad teams on carpet. Even Matt Hasselbeck deserves a good performance this year. Maybe he can make it back for this game or it's Seneca Wallace again for the Seahawks. I think the Rams finally show up for the season. Look for a big game from BIG GAME Torry Holt. Winner - Rams

San Francisco @ Miami - This ought to be fun. The Dolphins are fighting for the division and the 49ers are fighting for Mike Singletary's job security. This will come down to whether the 49ers can stop the Dolphins ground game. Winner - Dolphins

Buffalo @ New York Jets - This is a must have for the JETS. They have to win this game or the season is over. That's what it comes down to. What are you going to do? Winner - Jets

Tennessee @ Houston - Houston surprised me last week and there's something about that team that I like. They are going to be a team to recon with in the near future. Just not this Sunday. Winner - Titans

Green Bay @ Jacksonville - When do the Jaguars win a game that they need to win? I know that they are out of the playoff hunt, but where's the pride? I'll go with Aaron Rodgers on this one. Winner - Packers

Minnesota @ Arizona - The only thing that keeps the Vikings in this is if someone misses a block and Matt Leinart gets lots of playing time. The Vikings have a terrible pass defense and they are going against some of the best receivers in the game with a 92 1/2 year old (yes that's a joke) quarterback who is playing lights out. But the Cardinals can't stop the run. Hmmmm, tough pick here, but I'll go with the better passing team. Winner - Cardinals

Denver @ Carolina - After last weeks destruction of my Bucs, the Panthers get another team coming into Panthers Stadium. All they need to do is play like they did last week and this one is in the history books. Can the Panthers put two wins in a row? I'm betting on it. Winner - Panthers

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore - Talk about a game that you want to be at, just for the intense nature of it. This is going to be out doors in the cold, two teams that don't like each other, and both teams fighting for the playoffs. It doesn't get much better. Who's defense wins this game for them? It's a toss up, so I gotta go with the home team and take the Ravens. Memo to Ray Lewis, Big Ben sent a text message out saying how he was going to dominate you guys this week. Just an FYI. Winner - Ravens

New England @ Oakland - First off, a moment for Matt Cassel on the loss of his father. That's a tough pill to swallow. They are playing on the west coast, and I expect that Cassel puts on a great performance against the Raiders. Winner - Patriots

New York Giants @ Dallas - Big game. Infighting between Romo and TO. The Giants are trying to get past the Plaxico Burress situation. Both teams fighting for the playoffs. This is also a tough one. I guess, TO being pissed will up his game, but is he a distraction? The Giants are reeling and they have lost some mojo. I'm going with the Cowboys. This ought to be fun. Winner - Cowboys

Cleveland @ Philadelphia - Who would have thunk the Eagles would still be in the playoff hunt. Well they are and they have to win these games out to have a chance. I trust Donovan and the Browns are just terrible. Winner - Eagles


Mberenis said...

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cinco said...

My sympathy to Matt Cassel- it's rough losing a parent at any age.

Go Pats!!!!