Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Catching Up

Yep, I'm back refreshed and ready for some football.  Let's see what's been going on.

Fantasy Football:

I've joined 3 leagues this year and that's probably one too many.  The league on NFL.com and created by my guy @Malik sucks.  It's 20 teams, and I couldn't make the draft so I used the automatic drafting tool and I didn't even get a starting QB in the league, not one.  What kind of BS is that?  I digress,......so that team will probably be on cruise control all year long unless I can pull off a trade.


Well, the players are still locked out and it's not looking good for people expecting the NBA season to start on time.  The owners are making a hard line and that's not going to work out well for the players.  We'll see what happens with this one, but my expectation is that you will find more NBA ballers at these smaller leagues and possibly during the Vegas league that is being pushed by (Adidas) Joe Abunassar.  Some folks have been pushing for such a league with only pros allowed so that a collective can market the game more than smaller groups of players. 


Yes, it's that time and we are only a few days away from the Saints and Packers starting the 2011/12 NFL Season.  Yes, I'll be starting with the picks and I look forward to a great year.  Let's look at some team specific stuff.

Indianapolis Colts - Yes,that is fear that you see coming from the Colts headquarters as they have Manning's neck checked out yet again.  If he's out for more than these next few games, I doubt that anyone has to worry too much about the Colts in the playoffs this year.  Manning streak of games started should end and then they'll start talking about the other Manning (Eli).

Chicago Bears - Why Lance Briggs would ask for a raise now is beyond me.  He really has no leverage and this is just a distraction to the team.  If anything, they need to find a new #1 receiver will their present #1, Roy Williams, not able to catch a cold, butt naked in a winter storm. 

Washington Redskins - Are starting Rex Grossman for the first game of the season.  @Mike C. you are probably jumping up and down about the argument we had about Rex.  Yes, Rex will start and that'll give him the status of being a starting QB in the NFL, but this is more out of necessity than choice.  He'll be pulled in a few weeks, watch. 

Kansas City Chiefs - After taking a beating, Matt Cassel is practicing but he his ribs might keep him out of game 1 for the Chiefs.  I doubt he'll miss the first game of the season but it's tough for a QB to start the season with a target on his chest (literally).  The Chiefs need Cassel at 100% in order for them to have a chance at the playoffs.  I don't know how ribs heal until you take some time off. 

Pittsburgh Steelers - James Harrison is still recovering from back surgery but isn't at 100% yet.  If anyone knows him, he'll be out there game 1.  Harrison is an important piece to the Steelers defense and they gotta hope that he won't break down during the season.  In my opinion, any surgery on your back isn't minor and needs to be rehabbed accordingly. 

New England Patriots - A return of Moss?  Not likely, but Tom Brady has had discussions with the mercurial WR as of late.  I find it hard to believe that any team would take a flyer on Moss unless they were in a dire situation.  With the acquisition of Ochocinco and the rest of the Pats WR corp, the Patriots could probably do without Moss.  With that said, never say never. 

Cincinnati Bengals - Return of Palmer?  Palmer was actually seen at Paul Brown Stadium recently and that's about it.  The Bengals did cut his little brother (Jordan) as their #2 QB, so maybe that makes Carson a little more upset?  Carson is leaving $11.5M on the table by 'retiring' instead of playing for the Bengals this year.  he must really be pissed to not want to pick up that check.  I'm not sure how this one turns out, but you've got to think that Carson doesn't have anything else to do that would make him that amount of money (he says he doesn't need the money), but the Bengals aren't trading him or releasing him.  Interesting,.....


As the playoffs get ready to start, I've been promised that we'll have some coverage on the MLB items.  Stay tuned. 

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