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2011-12 NFL Week 2 Picks

Great first week and now the games get exciting.  The question is, the way your team played last week, is it indicative of future results or an anomaly?  Let's see what's on tap for this week.

Kansas City @ Detroit - The Chiefs come off a game where they stunk the joint up and got blasted by the Buffalo Bills, and the decade isn't the 90's.  Ryan Fitzpatrick threw (not 1, not 2, not 3,..) 4 TDs against this Chiefs defense and they lost Berry for the season.  Will they be able to stop anyone?  If I'm the Chiefs, I gotta forget this game and just start over.  This is Week 1 for them. 

The Lions showed that they are an all around good and balanced team.  Megatron is going to play on an injured ankle and the defense should be looking for a chance to get at Matt Cassel.  The Lions should depend on what they did Week 1 and that's running the ball and playing defense.  This should be a palatable equation for them for the year.  Winner - Lions.

Oakland @ Buffalo - Somebody has a chance to go 2-0 after this game.  Again, these aren't your dad's Raiders and Bills.  Oakland won a slugfest against Denver, with Darren McFadden leading the way (150 yards) and a long kick by Janikowski.  Their defense should lead the way all year long and by the end of the year I expect that Jason Campbell will develop into a more than average QB for this team.  They just gotta give him a chance. 

The Bills come off a blowout win against the Chiefs and they do have some injuries, so they should win this game right?  I'm just not sold on them yet.  Yes, Fitpatrick had a wonderful game, but can he do that two times in a row.  Call me a Bills skeptic.  Winner - Raiders.

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota - Tampa Bay ran out of gas at the end of the Lions game last week but they have to work on that running game.  That's the biggest thing that a young QB needs to be successful.  The defense can slow down almost any offense, so it's gotta happen for the Bucs this week and plus you're on carpet this week.

Ok, this is Week 2.  I've been a McNabb supporter for years, but he is now on the clock.  I don't give credence to the stuff in Washington because he was dealing with that minitiature dictator there (Shanny).  But after a Week 1 performance where McNabb put up a 7 of 15 for 39 yards stat line, while playing the entire game?  You got some explainin to do.  Of course they have AP back there and Percy Harvin may need to score a TD on a kick return for this team to score points.  This is a pivotal game for the Vikes, more pivotal for McNabb.  Winner - Bucs.

Chicago @ New Orleans - Great game.  First off, condolences to Brian Urlacher and his family.  It's gotta be tough for him to handle the loss of his mother.  Urlacher will play and hopefully he finds some solace in being on the field, where he's comfortable.  The Bears come off a Week 1 dismantling of the Falcons and they look good.  The only issue that I could see is that they still have to protect Cutler because he can't take the beating that he took last week (5 sacks).  With the return of Marion Barber, maybe they can pund a little on the Saints defense and get some late production from the running game. 

The Saints come in with a long layoff since the Thursday night opening loss to the Packers.  They lose Colston for at least 4-6 weeks (and so does my fantasy team), but they may get Lance Moore back for this game.  The best thing about Brees is that he is a rhythm QB and it almost doesn't matter who's out there at the WR spot as long as they can catch the ball.  Darren Sproles showed how fast he was Week 1 and that was on grass.  Someone on the bears better get ready.  Winner - Saints.

Baltimore @ Tennessee - The Ravens showed just how dominate that they could be with a win over the Steelers.  The way they did is the Ravens' blueprint for each season, run the ball and defense.  The only difference is that they have opened up the offense a little to provide Flacco the ability to stretch the field with the passing game.  So the formula now is: Run the ball, pass enough and defense.

The Titans come in thinking about increasing Chris Johnson's workload.  They have to break him in slowly or they are going to break him (literally).  We all know that the Titans really don't have much on the offensive side of the ball and Hasselbeck and Kenny Brit won't be enough for this game.  Winner - Ravens

Cleveland @ Indianapolis - If you want tickets for this game, they are available.  The without-Manning season has caused many to not even want to show up.  Maybe the team took this to heart in their Week 1 performance?  The Colts got blasted by the Texans and looked horrible the entire time.  A late TD pass by Collins at least let us know that this offense can score some points.  Look for them to be 1000% better in this game. 

The Browns come to town after they gave a game away last week to the Bengals.  Nothing that they did made me think that they can win this game.  Cribbs is dangerous but I think the Colts will limit his touches as often as they can.  Yes, the Colts defense isn't that good, but they're better than the Bengals.  Winner - Colts.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets - This is going to be a good game.  The Jags surprised me last week with a win and they will continue with the effort that they had last week.  They will run the ball with MJD and then help Luke McCown manage the game. 

The Jets come in after a win against the Cowboys and they need to perform better than they did in that game.  They weren't really able to get their running game going so I expect a lot of Greene and Tomlinson in this game.  Jacksonville doesn't have the best defensive backfield, so Plaxico Burress congrats for your 100 yard plus receiving game.  Winner - Jets.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh - I feel bad for the Seahawks.  They have to go to Pittsburgh and they have to play a Steelers team that got housed in Week 1.  I guarantee that the Steelers punish the Seahawks.  Winner - Steelers.

Arizona @ Washington - @MikeCrowder, I will hit you on your facebook page when this game is done to see how well your boy, Rex Grossman did in this game.  It's on, for the rest of the year.  The Redskins come in from a performance from aforementioned Grossman having a great game.  They beat the Giants and Rex is on record saying that they are going to win the NFC East.  Let's see how they perform. 

The Cardinals come into this game and they looked terrible against the Panthers and Cam Newton last week.  This week they go up against another highly pass heavy offense, can they cover anyone?  The Cardinals on offense have to continue to ride the Kolb train and just hope that the defense comes through.  This game, I think they do.  Winner - Cardinals

Green Bay @ Carolina - Cam Newton, great first week, now we'll see how good you are.  The Packers and more specifically Dom Capers is coming to town with that defense.  Carolina is going to have to find a way to not only stop Aaron Rodgers, but they are going to have to run the ball against that Green Bay front four.  If they can't run the ball Newton is going to take a lot of hits in this game.

The Packers come in well rested and Dom Capers saw tape on Netwon from last week and said 'it won't be us'.  This will be fun to watch.  Winner - Packers.   

Dallas @ San Francisco - The Cowboys come in with questions about whether their prized QB can close out games and Dez Bryant is questionable about whether he'll play.  This Cowboys team needs a strong outing from their defense to right this ship.  They should be able to run the ball and keep Romo from giving it away late in the game. 

The 49ers have Ted Ginn Jr, but I'm not sure any other opportunities on the offensive side of the ball.  Yes, they have a good RB, TE, and some decent receivers, but as long as Alex Smith is still the QB, they are limited.  This should be an interesting game, but I don't expect a lot of points on the board in this one unless the defense creates them.  Winner - Cowboys

San Diego @ New England – This should be another good game.  Again, every year we talk about the Chargers and how they are talented and how they should win the AFC West and possibly the AFC, but they find a way to screw it up each year.  So far, so good, yes and it’s only 1-0, but Rivers looks like he’s trying to be something other than a great fantasy football player.  Tolbert got nicked up a little but should be ready to play and I’m looking for more from Matthews seeing as he is the starter.  The Dolphins torched this secondary lat week and I’m looking for the Chargers to do the same. 

New England is coming off of a great win against Miami and Tom Brady looks already in midseason form.  Ochocinco caught a lot of unneeded flak about being in awe, but he should have been.  He’ll contribute more in this system as the year gets longer . This is his first time in this system and Brady is going at his usual targets.  Look for a lot of 2 TE sets until a team shows that they can defend it.  Both Gronkowski and Hernandez are like big wide receivers and they create mismatches just by being on the field.  Winner – Chargers.

Houston @ Miami – The Texans come off the drubbing of the Colts and this may be their year.  I expect them to pick up where they left off last week.  That defense is going to cause Miami some problems and again, Mario Williams should be definitely causing problems for Henne this week.

Miami had a great game in a loss and the question is can they do it again this week.  Brandon Marshall should find some other issues with this secondary and should have some tougher sledding than last week.  The ground game will be important to try and keep the Texans on their toes.  Do the Dolphins have enough?  Winner – Texans. 

Cincinnati @ Denver – The Bengals won their first game with a rookie QB at the helm by finding their running game with Cedric Benson.  They’ll need more of that this week as I imagine that Denver will stack the line and force them to throw.  With Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil both hurt, that may end up allowing a few opportunities down field. 

Denver is banged up on both sides of the ball and the biggest question is how will Kyle Orton react to the fans being behind Tebow?  He’s got to know that he is the starter, but this Tebow stuff has caused some issues with the team.  I’m looking for Orton to have a big game.  Or, it’s going to get pretty noisy in Denver.  Winner – Broncos.

Philadelphia @ Atlanta- Finally Mike Vick has returned to Atlanta as a starter.  The Falcons have to bounce back from their pitiful performance last week against the Bears.  They weren’t really able to run the ball or get the ball to their WRs.  The bad thing is that the Eagles are coming in to this game and they have the cover guys, but may have some issues up front.  Can the Falcons make the Eagles pay with the run?

The Eagles are coming in from a close game, until it turned into a blowout, with the Rams.  They didn’t look sharp, but got the win.  The Eagles have a high powered offense and something in me says that Vick is going to show up and show out.  Should be a very entertaining game, the Eagles have to protect Vick and keep him from taking big hits.  Winner – Eagles.    

St. Louis @ New York Giants – Spagnola beings his young team to NY to play his old team.  I guess he really left at the right time too with all that’s going on in NY.  Anyway, the Rams have a hobbled Stephen Jackson who probably won’t play but Cadillac will have to have a good game for them.  This is the Giants secondary that made Rex Grossman look like a good quarterback, so even with Bradford’s finger hurting, I imagine that this Rams team will be fine on offense. 

The Giants come in to this game banged up too.  They should get Justin Tuck back, but he and that front four are going to have to have a great game to take pressure off their secondary.  Hakeem Nicks is a game time decision, but having him will help Manning.  Look for a lot of Bradshaw and Jacobs to keep Bradford on the bench and allow this defense to come after the Rams.  Winner – Rams. 

Who you got?

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