Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 3 Picks

Tough week last week, but I think that we can bounce back this week.  Lots going on with me this week, so my picks are coming in later than usual.  Let's jump in.

Houston @ New Orleans - Get your popcorn ready!!  If you like teams putting numbers up, this will be the game to watch.  Don't know what the over under on points for this game is, but I can guess that you should pick the over.  I doubt the Saints defense plays up to the level that they played against the Bears, so this may come down to which team has the ball last.  Winner - Saints

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Well the Giants come to town without Umenyiroa, Manningham, Hixon, and a defense that feigns injury.  The Eagles are trying to get back into their groove with a recovered Mike Vick (with kevlar in his helmet) and an offensive line that is allowing him to look like 'senior pinata'.  The Eagles have spanked that butt the last 6 times and this is a game where your QB has to step up.  We know Vick will.  Manning?  Manning?  Winner - Eagles

Jacksonville @ Carolina - Home opener for the Cam Cats and I want to see a show.  Will cam be the first QB to ever throw for 400+ in his first 3 games as a pro?  I'm actually thinking that with this Jaguars secondary, he just might.  The question is whether the Panthers will have enough people healthy on the field to stop Blaine Gabbert in his first start.  Two rookies, someone has to lose, going with the best rookie we've seen thus far.  Winner - Panthers

New England @ Buffalo - This should be an easy pick here, right?  I mean the Patriots playing the Bills, Brady and crew should mop the floor with them.  Take away last years December drubbing of the Bills and over the last three games against the Pats have been close.  The Bills have found a way to make Ryan Fitzpatrick look very good and the defense is playing well.  Not a lot of trash talk out of this one this week between the two teams, so look for some solid hitting and the Pats pulling out all stops to make this defense think.  Winner - Bills

Miami @ Cleveland - This should be an easy game for the Browns if they stick to their formula, run the ball and play good defense.  So all of you Peyton Hillis fans, get ready for a great fantasy day from him.  The Browns have won the last 3 against the Dolphins and I'm expecting the same this week.  Winner - Browns

San Francisco @ Cincinnati - The 49ers gotta run the ball and the Bengals gotta rely on Andy Dalton pull some magic out of his pocket and throw for at least 300 yards.  Both teams are struggling and normally the 49ers running the ball isn't an issue with Frank Gore being back there, but he's averaging right around 2.5 yards per carry.  This Bengals defense might just be the answer to his struggles.  Winner - 49ers

Denver @ Tennessee - Well the Titans come off an impressive win against the Ravens and they get a Broncos team that is recovering from a host of injuries, with the most important one being Champ Bailey.  If Bailey can't go against Kenny Britt, then I expect that the Titans will do there best to expose that Denver secondary.  Interestingly enough, look for Chris Johnson to have a decent game in this one.  He sat out of training camp for a bigger paycheck and they have brought him along slowly so far.  Winner - Titans.

Detroit @ Minnesota - I fell bad for McNabb.  Not sure if he's getting old in a split second or he just doesn't have enough around him on the offensive side of the ball with Rice being out and Harvin really more of a possession receiver.  The Vikings do get Kevin Williams back which may help on teh defensive line, but this Lions team is looking very good.  They have to find a way to keep Stafford healthy, but they can make some noise and become 3-0 with a win.  Winner - Lions

Baltimore @ St. Louis - No one wants to play a motivated Ravens team and they have to be motivated after laying an egg last week against the Titans.  This is a fast track and the defense should be better and I expect that the offense will pick it up a notch also.  The Rams are probably still kicking themselves for giving that game away last week to the Giants and I expect that they'll need an almost picture perfect game to get a win this week.  Winner - Ravens

New York Jets @ Oakland - Tough road game for the Jets.  They haven't really played well but they are 2-0 (yes, wins against Jacksonville and Tony Romo's gift don't equate to playing well).  The Jets will have to have their helmets strapped on for this game, because that front four of the Raiders is probably the best they've played this year.  The Raiders are playing well, compared to previous years.  I like what Jason Campbell is doing and I'll look for McFadden to keep up his special play.  This ought to be a dogfight and I'm not sure who wins this one.  Yes, I'm on the fence.  Winner - Raiders.

Kansas City @ San Diego - This is nothing more than a scrimmage.  If the Chargers lose this game, they should be banned from the playoffs by the commish.  Winner - Chargers

Arizona @ Seattle - How's that Kevin Kolb guy doing?  Not too bad so far, but the injury to Beanie Wells' hamstring is an issue that the Cardinals can't really afford to have.  The Seahawks are just horriawful and injuries to Robert Gallery will hurt the cohesiveness of that offensive line.  Sydney Rice may play this week and that will help Tavaris Jackson, but I'm not sure it's enough.  Winner - Cardinals

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Good win against the Eagles last week and now you get to travel to Tampa.  The Falcons have a lot going for them, but they haven't hit their stride yet and I could see them laying another egg against this Bucs team.  Talib will probably cover White and the rest of the secondary has to find a way to stop the never aging Gonzalez and the rookie.  The Bucs may be without Blount (big blow) and they have to find a way to get to Ryan who didn't practice because of a banged up knee.  Winner - Falcons.

Green Bay @ Chicago - This might be the most interesting game of the week (outside of Giants/Philly).  The Bears looked good week 1 and then looked terrible week 2, but I think that they are somewhere in the middle.  They have a stud in Forte (PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY) and IF they can keep Cutler upright, he actually might turn this team into a perennial threat.  The Packers aren't as dependent on the running game as they once were, but Rodgers can move that ball around to everyone and he's always dangerous.  The Bears just need a #1 receiver and no they don't have that person on their roster.  Winner - Packers

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis - Is Peyton Manning back yet?  Oh ok,....Winner - Steelers

Washington @ Dallas - Well, nothing like a Monday Night game where everyone has their popcorn.  The surprising Redskins are being led (@MikeCrowder, it hurts me to even type this) by Rex Grossman and a very good defense (sounds like a Bears team).  The Cowboys are wondering whether Tony Romo will play with cracked ribs and a kevlar vest (is kevlar the word of the week or something?).  This is a home game for the Cowboys so the lights will be bright and I expect that Romo will play, although Kitna will be ready.  Winner - Cowboys.

Who you got?!?!?!?!

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cjames30082 said...

Man, you nailed that Bills pick. I thought that one was highly questionable. but er, uh. Damn.