Monday, September 12, 2011

Banged Up - NFL Week 1

Looks like a lot of people went down in Week 1.  Here's a brief list of injuries that may impact Week 2 and further.

Eric Berry (Chiefs) - Hurt his knee yesterday and it's not looking good.  He may be out a substantial period of time and that won't bode well for the Chiefs.UPDATED - Berry is out for the year with a torm ACL.

Orlando Scandrick (Cowboys) - Hurt his ankle and looks to be out for 4 weeks.  The Cowboys secondary was already beat up and this won't help matters. 

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) - Hurt his quad and it showed last night against the Jets that he couldn't really move.  This will probably be ongoing since he's going to want to play and the team probably wants him to play.  Side note:  Don't expect him to be returning any punts or kickoffs anytime soon.  Jerry has spoken that Dez seems to get hurt during those plays. 

Jon Beason (Panthers) - Seems that things went from bad to worse with Beason.  Looks like he tore his achilles and will be out for the season.  Beason had started the season with a badly sprained ankle. 

Luis Castillo (Chargers) - Broke his leg and will be out for the season.  He anchored a pretty good defense in San Diego.

Nate Kaeding (Chargers) - Still waiting for more information, but looks like his ACL is torn.  The Chargers are bringing in kickers as we speak.

Sam Bradford (Rams) - MRI results back and it seems like it's just some nerve damage in his finger, but nothing that will keep him from playing next Monday night.  That glass is at least half full, right?  UPDATED - Bradford has a bruised right index finger but will play against the Giants next week. 

Justin Tuck (Giants) - No one seems to know the extent of Tuck's neck injury but he didn't play last night and we don't know if/when he will play again. 

Marques Colston (Saints) - Colston separated his collar bone (I'm not even sure what that means), but he'll be out for at least 4 to 6 weeks.  With Lance Moore also day-to-day with a groin pull, the Saints seem to be losing people already. 

Kevin Walter (Texans) - Broken shoulder that will keep him out for 10 to 12 weeks.  That big win didn't come without a price. 

Michael Crabtree (49ers) - Injured his foot and no prognosis as of yet when he'll return.  May be a minor issue. 

Ron Bartel (Rams) - Has a few small fractures in his neck and could miss the season. 

Danny Amendola (Rams) - UPDATED - Danny will miss the Giants game but will be week to week after that. 

Steven Jackson (Rams) - UPDATED - Jackson won't play against the Giants and will be week to week with a strained quad. 

More to come as I see if come across the wire.  Feel free to make additional adds here also. 

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