Tuesday, September 06, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 1 Picks - Thursday Night

Yes!!!!!!!  we are officially starting the season and we got the Packers and the Saints kicking it off.  Both of these teams are expected to fight each other to represent the NFC in this years Super Bowl.  Let's get down to the picks.

New Orleans @ Green Bay - The Packers are at home and weather shouldn't be an issue (the tundra isn't cold yet).  The Saints spread it out as good as any other team and Brees can get the ball anywhere on the field when he needs to.  With the Saints it's always on the defensive side of the ball as to whether they will be good.  The Packers return almost everyone (especially the starters they lost to injury last season) and Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best QB in the game (yes, I'll argue with you that he is the best right now*).  The Packers just seem to have gotten better and they were pretty good (or lucky, depending on how you see it) last year.  I'm looking for the Packers to start the season off the way they ended it last year.  Winner - Packers.  

*For those that know me and have read here previously, I have not been an Aaron Rodgers fan.  I thought that the Packers were going to rue the day they handed the reins over to him.  I am man enough to say that I was wrong on this and that Rodgers has now put himself in the discussion of being an elite QB in the NFL. 

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