Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 3 Wrap Up

Good week, great wins by the Lions and Bills (did I write that?).  Let's see what happened.

Houston @ New Orleans - I said take the over on points on this game, but as I watched it I was thinking neither team would get past 24.  The Saints looked out of sorts but then Drew Brees (31 of 44 for 370 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT) got going, and while we're here, please pay this man.  He might not deserve Manning or Brady money, but the difference will probably be a few thousand dollars.  Houston jumped out to an early lead and Matt Schaub looked pretty good but they couldn't hold it together.  I think the better team won this game.  Inquisitive Mind 1 - 0 for the week.  

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Dayum, dayum, dayum.  I'm not sure if this is karma or what, but Vick gets hurt again and the Eagles lose.  The Giants took a lot of shots on Vick and ended up hurting the QB's off hand.  It isn't broken but still swollen and no one has said yet whether he'll be ready for next week.  Eli Manning (16 of 23 for 254 yards, 4 TDs) looked like his brother out there and the Giants were able to exercise the demon that has been the Eagles in a statement game.  Can the Giants ride this win for a while and can Eli continue to play like this?  Inquisitive Mind 1 - 1 for the week.  

Jacksonville @ Carolina - I saw the funnies thing about this game on Twitter when someone said that Noah had pulled up to watch the Panthers and the Jaguars play this game (get it, Noah and the Ark?).  This game was played in what looked like a monsoon and from a fantasy team standpoint, terrible numbers.  The Panthers found a way to win their home opener and are now sitting at a not too bad 1-2 for the year.  This team will be interesting to watch for the remainder of the season.  Inquisitive Mind 2 - 1 for the week.  

New England @ Buffalo - This was a game.  Brady (30 of 45 for 387 yards, 4 TDs, 4 INTs) ends up having another good game, and yes I say that it was a good game because he did have 4 TDs and almost another one (a drop by Ochocinco(2 rec, 28 yards)).  Ryan Fitzpatrick (27 of 40 for 369 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs) is a gunslinger that is really showing me something (Bills, you might need to pay him now before his price goes up).  The Bills came back and beat the Patriots and had Ralph Wilson Stadium rocking.  Great win for the Bills who are 3-0 and we're not even talking about a team from the 90's.  Inquisitive Mind 3 - 1 for the week.  

Miami @ Cleveland - Well, no Hillis in this game and the Browns were still able to pull this one out late.  Miami just seemed off the mark all day.  Inquisitive Mind 4 - 1 for the week.  

San Francisco @ Cincinnati - Not a bad game by the rookie, but the 49ers were able to play some inspired defense and got a decent performance out of Alex Smith (20 or 30 for 201 yards) to get a win.  Read that again, they got a decent performance by Alex Smith.  That doesn't happen too often.  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 1 for the week.  

Denver @ Tennessee - The Titans won the game but may have lost the war with Kenny Britt tearing both his ACL and MCL (out for the season).  Still no results from Chris Johnson (13 car, 21 yards, 4 recs, 54 yards), but somehow it didn't matter. The Broncos may start seeing more Tebow for QB signs because of Orton's (24 of 39 for 173 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs) performance in this game.  They looked horriawful.  Inquisitive Mind 6 - 1 for the week.  

Detroit @ Minnesota - The Vikings deserved this loss.  I'm sorry, explain to me how you get a 4th and 1 and you don't give it to AP?  You know that you've had leads in the last 3 games and have lost each of them, you know that you don't really have too many playmakers other than AP (17 car, 78 yards, 1 TD, 4 recs, 19 yards) and Harvin (2 car, 41 yards, 3 rec, 47 yards) on this team.  Then on 4th and 1, you give the ball to the fullback, who isn't really a fullback?  They deserved to lose this game.  The Lions didn't look good early, but they were able to turn it around and get back on track to get this win.  Stafford (32 of 46 for 378 yards, 2 TDs), I see how you took some hits and kept getting up (not hurt) and kept playing the entire game.  Inquisitive Mind 7 - 1 for the week.  

Baltimore @ St. Louis - We knew what was going to happen, but all I can say is Torrey Smith (5 recs, 152 yards, 3 TDs), who would have thunk it?  Rams gotta find a way to score, something ain't right in St. Louis.  Inquisitive Mind 8 - 1 for the week.  

New York Jets @ Oakland - The Raiders are winning and somewhere Al Davis is rolling over in his grave as they do it on the ground.  Jason Campbell (18 of 27 for 156 yards) looked pedestrian, but that's all he needed to do when Run DMC (19 car, 171 yards, 2 TDs, 3 rec, 7 yards) is playing the way he is.  LT (6 car, 38 yards, 5 rec, 116 yards, 1 TD) tried to keep pace with him in total yards, but the Jets couldn't stop the run and that killed them.  Rex had to hate that long flight back to NY.  Inquisitive Mind 9 - 1 for the week.  

Kansas City @ San Diego - I don't know if this was more of the Chargers being the Chargers or the Chiefs knuckling up from a pride standpoint.  This game should have never been this close and I'm still flabbergasted at the final score.  The Chargers almost let this one get away.  Inquisitive Mind 10 - 1 for the week.  

Arizona @ Seattle - You've got to be kidding me.  I can deal with being thisclose to a perfect week, but then you let Tavaris Jackson (18 of 31 for 171 yards, 1 INT, 4 car, 20 yards, 1 TD) ruin it for me (yes, I picked the Eagles, but Vick got hurt, c'mon man!!!!).  This Seattle team sucks and will continue to do, but the Cardinals let them win this game.  Didn't realize that Beanie Wells was that important.  Inquisitive Mind 10 - 2 for the week. 

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs stopped Michael Turner (11 car, 20 yards) and that was the entire game.  The Falcons looked terrible and their record shows it.  They tried to win this one late, but they just didn't have enough tries.  The Bucs were unspectacular, but good enough to get this win.  Inquisitive Mind 10 - 3 for the week.  

Green Bay @ Chicago - This looked so easy.  The Packers started off hot, cooled down and then finished strong enough to beat the Bears.  The Bears practiced how to pick up the blitz last week but they forgot how to run the ball.  These numbers best explain the 'success' that the Bears are having 37 pass attempts, 12 rush attempts (12 car, 13 yards).  The Bears need more balance than this and they won't get that with Mike Martz running the offense.  With that said, Cutler (21 of 37 for 302 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs) is looking good and they have to protect him by running the ball.  Hire me Martz, I can help.  Inquisitive Mind 11 - 3 for the week.  

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis - You have got to be kidding me.  This game shouldn't have been this close and I'm not sure what the Steelers have to do to make this work.  Their defense played dominate at times and the offense looked just as bad, starting with Big Ben (25 of 37 for 364 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 2 fum lost).  They better get more consistent before they start playing some better teams.  Inquisitive Mind 12 - 3 for the week.  

Washington @ Dallas - (@MikeCrowder, your boy had a good game and then gave it away at the end).  The Redskins have a pretty dayum good defense if you didn't know.  Landry would have gotten 3-5 years in prison for some of those hits he doled out last night.  Hightower (14 car, 41 yards, 5 rec, 39 yards, 1 TD) looked good and actually Grossman (22 of 37 for 250 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 fum lost) looked good for the majority of the game, but that gunslinger in him almost cost him the game late, while the fumble did in fact cost them the game.  Tony Romo (22 of 36 for 255 yards, 1 INT) put in a performance that should allow him to go to practice today and take a bat and beat half of his team for not helping him last night.  They have to do better or it's going to be a tough season.  Inquisitive Mind 13 - 3 for the week.  

I think I can say that's a pretty good week.  33-15 for the season.  I think I'm back in the hunt and I'm going to win this thing this year,...I gotta.  What did you think about Week 3? 

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