Sunday, November 01, 2009

NBA Roundup 10-31-09

Just a few tidbits about the NBA.

Stephon Marbury - Can you drug test a guy that isn't in the league anymore? Marbury was escorted from Madison Square Garden for sitting in the wrong seat. Instead of moving, he got all ignant and refused to move to his correct seat and security had him removed completely. At one point, Marbury pulled out a video camera to tape the incident. What was he thinking?

Cleveland Cavaliers - I'm not feeling very good about the Cavs with Shaq. The ball still seems to end up in LeBron's hands and we saw how that ended last year. The over under on Mike Brown's job is 2 months. They have GOT to get someone who can revamp that offense ASAP. Or you can refer to LeBron as a former Cav.

Gilbert Arenas - People, yes you Average Bro, you might need to get a little excited. Arenas looks like he's back and maybe a little bit better than we thought. He has played well in the Wizards games so far and they are 2-1 and their schedule looks favorable. It may be time to get back on their bandwagon.

Pau Gasol - That hamstring doesn't seem to be healing as fast as many thought and at least Gasol is one who is starting to get nervous. Let me just say this, the Lakers don't need Gasol right now. Pau, go sit down somewhere for a while and heal up so we can see this team in the Finals.

J.J. Redick - Talk about things you should keep to yourself. Redick and some friends are making some rap songs. (Let that sink in for a second). No they're not going to release an album, but the fact that this is even news will make it must hear music. All of us should be shaking in our boots.

Carmelo Anthony - Wow!!! I know it's very early, but hey this guy is ballin. Now the question is can he get his team a high seed in the Western Conference playoffs so they can avoid the Lakers?

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