Sunday, November 08, 2009

NFL Week 9 Picks

Family wanted breakfast this morning, so we went out for a quick bite. I know it's late, but here they are.

Washington @ Atlanta - The Falcons right the ship after a loss to the Saints last week. This is almost like a practice week for the Falcons. Winner - Falcons.

Arizona @ Chicago - This is a tough game to pick. Chicago is playing at home but they can't seem to get to any body's QB. The Bears can't protect their QB and can't seem to run the ball. It's not cold in Chicago and if the Cardinals are up to the task after that stinker against the Panthers last week, this ought to be a shootout. Winner - Bears.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati - The Bengals beat the Ravens at home earlier this week. I doubt they can repeat the task again. The Ravens looked to be on the top of their game after beating Denver last week. Gotta go with my guys. Winner - Ravens.

Houston @ Indianapolis - Another good game. The Texans are starting rookies in their defensive backfield. Peyton Manning is probably slobbering right now. The Texans can score and their defense up front isn't that bad. Go with the home team. Winner - Colts.

Miami @ New England -I'll make this quick. I'd love to see the Dolphins win this game, but I can't see them pull this one off at New England. Winner - Patriots.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - Gotta win this game. After losing Favre Bowl last week for the 2nd time, the Packers need a win. A practice game for the Packers. Winner - Packers.

Kansas City @ Jacksonville - Well, the Jaguars looked good for moments last week when MJD had the ball. This week they get a decent Chiefs defense and they are at home. Winner - Jaguars.

Carolina @ New Orleans - I could, and I mean could see the Saints losing this game for no other reason than isht happens. I don't think they will, but I hold out hope. Winner - Saints.

Detroit @ Seattle - Calvin Johnson will play. It will be rainy. Wet field. Home team. Winner - Seahawks.

Tennessee @ San Francisco - Boy, two mediocre teams. Vince Young looked great handing the ball off last week. Let's see if he remembers the game plan this week. Winner - Titans.

San Diego @ New York Giants - This is Manning Bowl all over again. The Giants have said this is a must win. The Chargers better be saying the same thing. The Giants have lost 3 in a row. Will it be 4? Winner - Giants.

Dallas @ Philadelphia - No Westbrook. Eagles at home. Can Donovan find a way against the Cowboys? Not so sure. Winner - Eagles.

Pittsburgh @ Denver - Can the Broncos bounce back? Can Big Ben show up for the Steelers? That Steelers defense is starting to turn it around. Winner - Steelers.

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