Sunday, November 29, 2009

NFL Week 12 Picks

Those first three games were good for us on Thanksgiving day, but let's get to the rest of the week.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Finally a game for the Falcons, who have taken some tough losses lately, to win. They get a Bucs teams that seems to have found a way to play and at least make it interesting. The Falcons need this win too bad. Winner - Falcons.

Miami @ Buffalo - Well, a must win for both teams. The Bills just need some consistency and they would be beating a team in their division and Miami needs this game to stay in playoff contention and they would be beating a team in their division. The Dolphins will see if Ricky Williams can turn in another spectacular game. I think their defense wins this game for them. Winner - Dolphins.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati - Tomato cans are lined up for the Bengals to increase their lead in the AFC. Does anyone think the Browns are going to win this game? I can't even see that happening. Winner - Bengals.

Seattle @ St. Louis - Should actually be a decent game. The Seahawks get to play on carpet and I'm expecting an explosion from them on offense. The Rams are trying to piece this season together and as of late have played pretty well. I expect them to continue to do that, but for some reason, I have the Seahawks in this one. Winner - Seahawks.

Carolina @ New York Jets - This is a game the Jets need because they are going backwards. The rookie QB is looking exactly like one and that Jet defense is looking more like a sieve than a stopper. The Panthers are so up and down that it's hard to pick them. They can run the ball but when they put it in Delhomme's hands, it's real shaky. Winner - Panthers.

Washington @ Philadelphia - Home sweet home. The Eagles get a home game and just in time for Donovan to catch fire. The Redskins actually have a decent defense and should cause some problems for the Eagles, but the Eagles are a big play team now without Westbrook. Winner - Eagles.

Indianapolis @ Houston - Will the Colts continue undefeated? They go to Houston to face a tough team who is on the verge of finally turning the corner of being one of those teams that is up and coming. This will be a good game, but I gotta go with the Colts. I can see an upset, but I'm note sure the Texans have that kind of luck this week. Winner - Colts.

Kansas City @ San Diego - Can the Chargers put some distance between them and the Broncos? This game is up to the Chargers defense. They are playing well and this is a home game. Winner - Chargers.

Jacksonville @ San Francisco - Time for Samurai Mike's team to get back to winning. Jacksonville is as up and down as the Panthers. This should be a down week. Winner - 49ers.

Chicago @ Minnesota - How many pics can Cutler throw? We actually might find out in this game. Winner - Vikings.

Arizona @ Tennessee - Kurt Warner is questionable. Without him, they don't have a chance. But you'll get an opportunity to see Vince Young and Matt Leinart face off against each other again. That ought to at least provide some headlines. Winner - Titans.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore - No Big Ben, no Polamalu, no chance. Ravens must be luckiest team in the league. Winner - Ravens.

New England @ New Orleans - Big time game for both teams. I'm looking at the over under on this to be somewhere in the 80's. The Pats seem to be on a roll and I think they go to the dome and bring the pain in this game (mucho points), but in the end, I gotta go with dem Saints. Winner - Saints.

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