Sunday, November 15, 2009

NFL Week 10 Picks

Ok, the 49ers got us to 1 - 0 so far this week. Let's see what else we can do.

New Orleans @ St. Louis - Is there a mercy rule in the NFL? I expect Drew Brees to play at most 3 quarters and for the Saints to continue marching on. Winner - Saints.

Tampa Bay @ Miami - Well, no Joey Porter for the Dolphins defense, but that shouldn't be a problem for them. The Bucs are a bad team even though they pulled off an unexpected win against the Packers last week. Miami normally plays well at home. Winner - Dolphins.

Detroit @ Minnesota - Is there a mercy rule in the NFL? The Vikings come off their bye week where they practiced tackling because their defense has missed several of them. The offense should continue to click and I'm expecting a big game from AP. Winner - Vikings.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets - The Jets need a big win. Gotta get a big win and they get the Jaguars. If they stop the run, this ought to be a quick game. Winner - Jets.

Buffalo @ Tennessee - These are two bad teams playing each other. The Titans are rolling on the back of changing QBs and the Bills look to have a slightly dinged TO ready for action. This is a coin flip, right? Winner - Titans.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - Wow, a game for first place. Who would have thought that the Bengals would have been atop the AFC Central. Pittsburgh is starting to gel. The running game is coming along and the defense has started showing teeth and closing as of late. Tough to pick on this one. Winner - Steelers.

Denver @ Washington - Great for the Broncos to get this game. The Redskins haven't impressed anyone and the Denver mystique is slowly being discounted. The Broncos need this one. Winner - Broncos.

Atlanta @ Carolina - I can't really pick this game. The Falcons have taken some tough losses lately and the Panthers are so up and down, you never know which team is going to show up. Coin flip again. Winner - Panthers.

Kansas City @ Oakland - Tow VERY bad teams. The Chiefs got rid of Larry Johnson and the Raiders still have Tom Cable and JaMarcus Russell. Gotta go with the better team of the two. Winner - Chiefs.

Seattle @ Arizona - Some would say always pick the home team but the Cardinals suck at home. Seattle seems to be coming out of their funk, but I thought they were doing that weeks ago. This is an NFC West battle and I gotta go with the,......Winner - Seahawks.

Dallas @ Green Bay - Going to be a good game. The Packers can't protect Rodgers and the Cowboys have a good defensive front. The Packers had closed door meetings this week where everyone had a chance to vent. The O-line even blamed Rodgers for some of the sacks that he's taken. Donald Driver was quoted as saying everyone is playing for their jobs this weekend. Sounds like a lot is on the line. Winner - Cowboys.

Philadelphia @ San Diego -McNabb had a terrible game last week and the Chargers are coming off of a great win against the Giants. Westbrook will be back which will help them (hopefully) run the ball better. Whichever defense plays better will win this game. Winner - Chargers.

New England @ Indianapolis - Glad this is the night game because this is much see TV. I expect this one to be similar to the games before it and I expect a shootout. The Patriots have started to show signs of clicking and I think they continue in this game. Winner - Patriots.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - The Browns must really dislike Brady Quinn. I mean they decide to go with him on Monday night against the Ravens. Thanks a bunch Coach Mangini. Winner - Ravens.

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