Monday, November 16, 2009


Ask and you shall receive. The Golden State Warriors have traded disgruntled swing man Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to the Charlotte Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladomir Radmonovic. The Warriors have been shopping a deal for Jackson since he wanted out of Golden State (since this summer). I'm not sure that this is the destination that Jackson had in mind. For some reason I don't see how he and Coach Brown will mesh, but at the same time aren't Jackson and Gerald Wallace essentially the same player? Or is this Charlotte's failed attempt at a Kobe/Artest tandem? The Warriors will finally get someone who knows how to spell defense in Bell and we have no idea what Vlad will do.

Rating: Well, this is essentially a trade for parts. I'm not sure that either team is going to benefit greatly by this. If anyone does, it would be the Bobcats since they are the ones that got a 20 point per game scorer and they can't seem to score.

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