Sunday, November 22, 2009

NFL Week 11 Picks

Washington @ Dallas - Easy one right? The Cowboys should win this game running away from the Redskins and it's at home. I actually have some trepidation about picking this game. Winner - Cowboys.

Cleveland @ Detroit - Can the Lions get another win or will the Browns pull the minor upset? I gotta go with the Lions on this one. Winner - Lions.

San Francisco @ Green Bay - Packers this is close to the Tampa Bay game, meaning one you should win. You get a 49ers team on your home turf and you need this win to stay alive in the playoff run. Winner - Packers.

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City - No chance, right? Winner - Steelers.

Atlanta @ New York Giants - First big game of the day. The Giants are in trouble. Another loss and they are essentially done for the year. The Falcons are just the kind of team to do it. I just don't believe that they will. Winner - Giants.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - I feel sorry for the Bucs, but you know, this is one of those games that wouldn't surprise me if the Bucs snuck a win. I don't think it'll happen, so I gotta go with the Saints. Winner - Saints.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville - Jacksonville. The Bills are that bad and T.O. hasn't made a statement there and it's definitely not popcorn worthy. Winner - Jaguars.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore - Ray, can you guys do it again? You guys need this win, but you're going up against the juggernaut, the undefeated Colts. Winner - Colts.

Seattle @ Minnesota - AP, I want a great day out of you. Favre doesn't need to throw the ball that much. Winner - Vikings.

Arizona @ St. Louis - Can the Cardinals surprise me two weeks in a row? I think that Kurt Warner returns to his old stomping grounds and picks up where he left off. Winner - Cardinals.

New York Jets @ New England - Pats are going to enjoy running the score up on this one. I expect to see more crying from Rex Ryan. Winner - Patriots.

Cincinnati @ Oakland - The Bengals lost their starting running back but they picked up Larry Johnson and I expect that we'll see him a little bit this game. They are playing the Raiders, who finally benched JaMarcus Russell, so this is like practice. Winner - Bengals.

San Diego @ Denver - The Chargers come to town riding high and off of their last few weeks. This is a battle for 1st in the AFC West. The Broncos will be starting Chris Simms. You can't tell me that Chris Simms will beat this Chargers defense. Can't see it happen. Winner - Chargers.

Philadelphia @ Chicago - Nothing about this game screams the Bears should win, but the Eagles are without Westbrook and haven't shown the ability to score within the red zone. If the Bears can't get get to McNabb, this is going to be sad. Winner - Eagles.

Tennessee @ Houston - Sorry Monday Night Football game. I doubt many will watch, but I'm looking to see if Vince young can pull it off yet again. The Titans go to Houston and it's going to be a high scoring game, but in the end, go with the original Houston team. Winner - Titans.

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