Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Week 2 Wrap Up

I was right about one thing, it was an interesting week 2 in the NFL. I did terrible this week so hopefully no one put too much money on those picks. Let's recap:

Carolina @ Atlanta - Well Delhomme played pretty well in this game, but it wasn't enough. The Panthers are 0-2 and it's not looking good. The only question I have is, is Matt Ryan THAT good? After two games I'm on the bandwagon. Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week.

Minnesota @ Detroit - What's with these slow starts? I mean I was expecting AP to have 200 yards at halftime. The Lions actually didn't play that badly, just against a team with a lot more horses. Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week.

Cincinnati @ Green Bay - This looked like each team traded locker rooms and jerseys and then went out and played this game. Aaron Rodgers became 'Senior Pinata', Ryan Grant couldn't run, and Greg Jennings didn't catch a pass the entire game. The Bengals got 141 yards from Cedric Benson and Carson Palmer threw 2 INTs and they still won. To make matters worse, Green Bay was at home. Inquisitive Mind 2-1 for the week.

Houston @ Tennessee - I was right, this was a good game. It seems as though the Titans have been concentrating on stopping the run but forgot how to play defense on anyone else. They held Steve Slaton and crew to 63 yards on the ground, but gave up 357 yards in the air and 4 TDs. To make it even worse, Matt Schaub had wide open receivers all day long. Inquisitive Mind 3-1 for the week.

Oakland @ Kansas City - The Raiders tried hard to make me look bad on this pick, but in the end, they were playing the Chiefs. So, I got lucky that they held on. The team that took the Chargers to the last minutes in week 1 is gone. Inquisitive Mind 4-1 for the week.

New England @ New York Jets - Congrats to the Jets for playing a helluva game. They went at Tom Brady at every opportunity and punished him for most of the game. Their offense wasn't too shabby either, but they really couldn't finish some of their drives. 16 points was all they needed, along with some unexplainable Patriots errors. Kerry Rhodes, here's one for you. Inquisitive Mind 4-2 for the week.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia - Well all I can say is that Mike Vick is available next week. Kevin Kolb really sucks. I mean really. Who's idea was it to pick this cat in the draft? They should definitely be drug tested. Inquisitive Mind 5-2 for the week.

St. Louis @ Washington - Yes the Redskins snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat, well maybe they snatched a victory from the jaws of a half dead defeat. This was a terrible game on both sides and should have ended with a draw. Someone should have forced both teams to take a tie. Inquisitive Mind 6-2 for the week.

Arizona @ Jacksonville - Can I take this one back? Kurt Warner looked good and spread the ball around to all of his targets. The Arizona defense was able to keep MJD locked up the entire game and anytime that Garrard has to throw 43 times, it's not going to be good. Inquisitive Mind 6-3 for the week.

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo - 57 yards rushing for an already offensively lacking team spells doom. The Bucs couldn't stop the Bills and then their offense wasn't much better. Fred Jackson had 163 yards for the Bills which allowed Trent Edwards to play under control and he even found TO for a TD. When does Marshawn Lynch get back? Inquisitive Mind 6-4 for the week.

Seattle @ San Francisco - To answer my own question, I guess 2. The 49ers put Hasselbeck out of the game and it went downhill from there for the Seahawks. He got hurt, eerily similar to Donovan McNabb, rolling right trying to get into the end zone. Maybe all QBs should avoid that play for the rest of the year. So far, 2 times and 2 broken/fractured ribs. Inquisitive Mind 6-5 for the week.

Pittsburgh @ Chicago - Arrgh!!!! It was a rainy nigh, isn't that how most bad novels start? The Steelers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. That's it. Two Jeff Reed missed field goals. Can we get a running game in Pittsburgh? Inquisitive Mind 6-6 for the week.

Baltimore @ San Diego - Are you kidding me? You don't block Ray Lewis on a 4th and 2? I mean there are a lot of guys on the Ravens that I wouldn't block on that down and distance, but #52 ain't one of them. Phillip Rivers had a monumental game, 436 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs, but it seemed like no one else showed up. The Chargers defense let the Ravens score 31 points. They normally don't lose if they get that many. Inquisitive Mind 6-7 for the week.

Denver @ Cleveland - The Broncos are 2-0. After their off season, I don't think anyone could have scripted it better. 2-0. With an average QB and a decent ground game. Excuse me while I cry in my beer. Inquisitive Mind 6-8 for the week.

New York Giants @ Dallas - I didn't expect a shootout, but if everyone in Dallas isn't hopping off the bandwagon already, they should. Romo isn't your guy, and if you think he is, you'll be crying in your beer a lot this year. The Cowboys defense hasn't played yet either. They can't even sack a dummy in practice. With everything said, the stadium is beautiful, but there are going to be a lot more nights like Sunday night for the Cowboys ahead. Inquisitive Mind 7-8 for the week.

Indianapolis @ Miami - I actually feel sorry for the Dolphins. They played the perfect game against the Colts and lost. They kept Manning on the sidelines (entertaining Tiger Woods nonetheless) and racked up 239 yards on the ground. You can't script it any better than that. This was a tough loss for the Dolphins, and hopefully they'll bounce back. Inquisitive Mind 7-9 for the week.

As you can see, 7-9 for the week is terrible. I should lose my job over something like this. Glad that it's not my job or I'd be on the unemployment line. I guess I can always say that there's next week. We'll see if I make it. That puts me squarely at 20-12 for the year.

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