Saturday, September 19, 2009

NFL Week 2 Picks

Ok, it's Week 2 and it's going to be interesting. Let's see what's on the slate.

Carolina @ Atlanta - Well, I didn't see Delhomme playing that bad in week 1, but he HAS to be better this week or he's going to be out of a job. The offense should concentrate on running the ball and letting Delhomme manage the game. The Falcons are playing pretty well and we'll see if they can put these 2 games together. It's a division rival, so this will help them if they can get the win. I think that Delhomme plays better, but Atlanta at home is always a tough out. Winner - Falcons.

Minnesota @ Detroit - Do I even need to say anything about this game? Vikings in a rout. Winner - Vikings.

Cincinnati @ Green Bay - I thought that this would be a game, but in reality, it's the same old Bungles. After losing in week 1, they get to travel to Green Bay to get their heads knocked in. Winner - Packers.

Houston @ Tennessee - For some reason I think this is going to be a good game. The Titans play good defense and control the ball on the ground, and the Texans are in that same mold. Everyone said that the Titans wouldn't miss Haynesworth clogging up the middle of their run defense, but maybe this is the game that it really shows with a good heavy dose of Steve Slaton. In a mild upset,... Winner - Texans.

Oakland @ Kansas City - Well, at least one team will win on Sunday (or possibly not). The Raiders played pretty well against the Charger last week, but JaMarcus Russell has got to string together about 6-10 GOOD throws. We know they can run the ball and their defense with Seymour played inspired last week. Get one for Tom Cable. Winner - Raiders.

New England @ New York Jets - Well, this started out with the coach of the Jets, Rex Ryan, using some self deprecation about how good he is compared to Bill Belichick, and then when safety Kerry Rhodes comes out and basically cuts out all of the niceties and says they want to run the score up on the Patriots. All I can say is that he better be able to cash that check, cause his mouth wrote a huge one for him and his team this week. What's the over/under on the number of fights in this game and the over/under on the number of times Rhodes is burned? Winner - Patriots.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia - Well, after you throw 6 TDs in game 1, what do you do for an encore? The Saints will bring their high octane offense to Philly and although I don't expect 6 TDs, there is going to be a lot of scoring. McNabb won't play and Kevin Kolb should be horrible in this game. For the Eagles fans, how many of you thought you'd be rooting to see Michael Vick?!?! Winner - Saints.

St. Louis @ Washington - Both teams looked terrible in week 1, but at least the Redskins had a reason since they were playing the Giants. If you ever needed a stepping stone game, this is the one for the Redskins. Campbell will be better and the running game should work. The Rams will make this one close, but they just don't have the horses to keep up. Winner - Redskins.

Arizona @ Jacksonville - Were there that many bad teams in week 1? I don't think that things get any better for the Cardinals here. Jacksonville is coming off a tough loss to Indianapolis, but they normally play pretty well at home and they need a statement game. The Cardinals look out of sync and it's going to be tough with Boldin hurting to get back in sync. Winner - Jaguars.

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo - The TO Show has already started in NY. The Bills haven't impressed and TO didn't look that great in week 1. Yes, they need to go to him more than 3 times, but hey he didn't look that good. I think that the Bucs actually show up and play some defense this game. They got toasted last week and guys like Rhonde Barber aren't going to let TO just go crazy. Winner - Bucs.

Seattle @ San Francisco - How many games can heart win for you? I'm sorry, the 49ers don't have the talent, but they played like a good team last week and got the win. Seattle looked good on the ground last week, but their air options have to be better. Yes, Houshmanzadeh is slowed by that bad back, but he's going to have to tough it out. Winner - Seahawks.

Pittsburgh @ Chicago - Just want Jay Cutler needed, a Pittsburgh defense that will play inspired without Polamalu. The running game didn't work for the Steelers in week 1 so I expect them to gouge the Bears defense before Big Ben goes to the air. Cutler had a terrible 4 INT day, so he's got to play better. The defense won't lose much without Urlacher, so it's going to come down to the Bears offense. Winner - Steelers.

Baltimore @ San Diego - LT is out and that may be the worst thing that could happen to the Ravens. It seems as though the Chargers were better without LT last week. The Chargers defense has got to step it up or they won't see the Superbowl. To make that a little easier they get a pretty one dimensional offense in the Ravens. I love the Ravens and I hate going against Ray Lewis on any day, but I don't see them winning this one. Ray Rice should have a big day on the Chargers based on what the Raiders did to them last week. Winner - Chargers.

Cleveland @ Denver - One team got a win on a lucky play and the other got whupped. Both teams deserved to lose, but hey there's always week 2. Do I have to pick a team here? I don't like either but I guess I have to make a decision. (Digging in pocket for coin) I guess I have to go with the team with the best talent at QB and WR, right? Winner - Browns.

New York Giants @ Dallas - This is going to be fun. Not only will this open Jerry Jones' massive stadium, but I think in a game that won't soon be forgotten. I don't expect Romo to play toss and catch like he did in week 1 because he's going to have some big boys chasing him. I can just see Jones' face on that big television hanging from the roof when the Cowboys take this 'L'. Winner - Giants.

Indianapolis @ Miami - Very anti-climatic after the Sunday night game in Dallas, but this should be a good one too. The Dolphins will need a better performance from their team but more specifically Anthony Fasano (2 fumbles?). The Colts are losing wide receivers as fast as the Lions are losing games. Hank Bassett was just signed and he may get a chance to play this week (although probably not). Manning is good, but he needs someone to catch the ball for him. Winner - Dolphins.

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