Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're thisclose.........................

OK, the NFLPA is voting on the deal that has been put together this afternoon and then the owners will have an opportunity to vote on this on Thursday, which would mean training camps open early next week.  Say a prayer to the man upstairs tonight that the greedy owners finally realize that their product is only good if we (the fans) are watching.  This has been rather funny to watch people say this is all the players fault.  The NFL stands for Not For Long if you're talking about most players.  Yes there are guys that play for 10+ years but there are several more than play for 1 or 2.  These players play a very violent game to the delight of fans everywhere and they sacrifice their bodies to make this happen, so the money they make might be a lot up front, but the residual effect of some of these hits, contusions, concussions, etc. aren't felt until years down the road.  They may actually need that money to care for themselves. 

Only in America can the billionaires (take a look at the owners of these football teams) opt out of a deal with millionaires and the millionaires get blamed.  Here's to football SOOOOON. 

What's your take?!?!  Who's side are you on?  Is the lockout going to end this week?  Are you ready for some football? 

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