Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013-14 NFL Week 11 Picks

Ok, the final stretch and we're going to do it with some style. Games start soon so I have to get my Thursday pick in now.

Indianapolis @ Tenessee - These Colts sold me out last week so I need for them to right the ship. I felt this team is one of those that runs and passes well and they remind me of those good NFC East teams from years ago. The Titans are led by Ryan Fitzpatrick and we'll get to see if he's ready to help the titans turn around their season. Going with luck though. Winner - Colts.

New York Jets @ Buffalo - Ed Reed's first game as a Jet,...hmmmm,...going to ride with the future HOF.  Winner - Jets.

Baltimore @ Chicago - Strength vs. Strength.  Bears offense vs. Ravens defense.  Rainy, windy and cold here in Chicago. Winner - Ravens.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati - Should be a good game.  I still can't believe that maybe these Browns knew what they were doing when they traded Richardson.  The Bengals need to be consistent and I expect them to be good this week.  Winner - Bengals.

Washington @ Philadelphia - I still think the Redskins find a way to win this division, as sad as that really is.  Winner - Redskins

Detroit @ Pittsburgh - The Lions defense should enjoy hitting Big Ben today.  Not sure if he makes it out of this game.  Winner - Lions.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - I know this game probably was supposed to be a rest for the Falcons on their way back to the playoffs.  Now that we know that won't happen, this should be a very ugly game.  Winner - Falcons.

Arizona @ Jacksonville - Can the Jaguars get another win?  I think so.  Winner - Jaguars.

Oakland @ Houston - Can the Texans win a game?  It is the Raiders.  Winner - Texans.

San Diego @ Miami - Should actually be another good game.  Teams making that trip west really don't do that well, but this is the Dolphins.  Can the Dolphins finally pull it together?  Winner - Chargers.

San Francisco @ New Orleans - 2nd best game of the week.  The Saints are hard to beat in the dome, but this is the 49ers.  Both defenses are going to be tested but I think that the 49ers are up to the test.  I want to pick the Saints,.....Winner - 49ers.

Green Bay @ New York Giants - This makes me sick making this pick,.....Winner - Giants.

Minnesota @ Seattle - Seahawks, even if they start slow.  Winner - Seahawks.

Kansas City @ Denver - Best game of the week.  It's hard to best against Peyton unless it's the playoffs or he's playing against the Patriots.  Winner - Broncos.

New England @ Carolina - 3rd best game of the week.  My heart says Panthers, but my head says Patriots.  Going with the heart.  Winner - Panthers.

Who you wit?!?!?

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