Thursday, December 01, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 13 Picks

This weeks picks:

Philadephia @ Seattle - I find my self back with the Eagles again. Gotta ride with them one more time. Winner - Eagles.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - Bucs need a win to keep Raheem Morris employed and the Panthers need a win to keep their QB from probably going into depression.  Home game for the Bucs and they are a little banged up, but this will be a great matchup between two young QBs.  Winner - Panthers.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - This is Steeler-time.  Late in the season and time to position themselves for the post season.  It's a home game and they struggled out of the gate last week after their bye, but I imagine that they turn it on today.  Did I mention that this is a conference tilt for them too?  Winner - Steelers.   

Atlanta @ Houston - Tough game to have a backup QB in, but I like Yates and he can always make the safe pass /handoff to Foster.  I think this one will be close, but I gotta go with the Falcons because they really need this to keep pace with the rest of the NFC.  Winner - Falcons.

New York Jets @ Washington - If the Jets lose to the Redskins, I imagine that Rex will implode and we might actually see Sanchez cry on national TV.  Winner - Jets.

Indianapolis @ New England - This one should be easy, but for some reason I see the Colts winning this game.  I've been picking them to get a W for the past few weeks and they have let me down, let's see what happens this week.  Winner - Patriots.

Oakland @ Miami - Tough game by two tough teams.  Raiders gotta stop Reggie Bush (pause), now say that again and the Dolphins have to stop the other Bush.  The Raiders want to win the AFC West, right?  Gotta have this game.  Winner - Raiders.

Denver @ Minnesota - Tebow Mania goes to Minnesota.  I picked against him last week, but I don't think I can do it two weeks in a row.  Do you realize that this Denver defense is ballin?  That their running game, not including Tebow, is starting to gel also.  Winner - Broncos.

Tennessee @ Buffalo - The Bills need a win badly, I mean badly.  I am going to go with them.  Winner - Bills.

Kansas City @ Chicago - Yes, I'm still on the Hanie bandwagon and I expect him to play better this week.  Defense, don't sleep on the Chiefs.  Winner - Bears.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - This could be one of those games for the Ravens to come out complacent, but they can't have a let down this week.  They are doing too much good right now.  Winner - Ravens.

Dallas @ Arizona - Gotta have this game if you're the Cowboys.  Stop Beanie.  Winner - Cowboys.

Green Bay @ New York Giants - The train keeps moving for the Packers.  Giants just don't have enough.  Winner - Packers.

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Some of the luster has come off the 49ers since their Thanksgiving showdown, but they should make short work of the Rams.  Winner - 49ers.

Detroit @ New Orleans - A nice shootout on a Sunday Night.  Saints keep on truckin.  Winner - Saints

San Diego @ Jacksonville - A loss here for the Chargers will probably begin Tuesday morning with a few pink slips.  The Chargers have to win this game and they are going against a tough but not good enough Jags team.  Winner - Chargers.

Who you got?!?!??!?

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