Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 16 Picks

It's been tough lately getting these picks in with everything going on with the day job and the family but let's see what we can do.  Playoff seeding is the big thing this week in the NFL and then there's that small little issue with the 2012 #1 Draft Pick and who'll be positioning themselves for that. 

Houston @ Indianapolis - Would have probably picked the Texans and they go out and lose a tough game. 

Oakland @ Kansas City - The Chiefs come off their biggest game of the year by defeating the Packers and question is can they do it again against the Raiders?  Both teams are fighting for the AFC West Championship.  Tough game to pick, but,..... Winner - Chiefs

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - The Titans have an outside chance to make the playoffs, so they should play tough.  I still believe in Chris Johnson.  Winner - Titans.

Miami @ New England - Can the Dolphins surprise the league and beat the Patriots since they aren't really playing for anything?  Does this take the Dolphins further out of the discussion for the #1 pick?  Don't think they'll have to worry too much.  Winner - Patriots

Arizona @ Cincinnati - The Bengals will be fighting for their playoff lives and maybe that'll make them a little more dangerous.  Winner - Bengals.

Denver @ Buffalo - Tebow Mania gets back on track.  Winner - Broncos.

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers start Charlie Batch (should have done that last week, cost me a FF game) and they keep it moving.  Winner - Steelers.

New York Giants @ New York Jets - I think that Tom Coughlina nd Eli come up big in this game.  I'm not a Giants fan, but this ought to be good.  I don't trust Sanchez.  Winner - Giants.

Minnesota @ Washington - I might have to hear my barber talking about Rex Grossman this week.  I do not like the Shannys either.  Winner - Redskins.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina - I want the Bucs to win to possibly save their coaches' job (Morris), but I don't see it happening.  Winner - Panthers.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - The Ravens need to answer for last weeks debacle against the Chargers.  Winner - Ravens.

San Diego @ Detroit - I'm not a believer in the Chargers, but I think they have too much for the Lions.  Winner - Chargers

Philadelphia @ Dallas - Can't believe that I am doing this.  Winner - Eagles.

San Francisco @ Seattle - No way the 49ers mess this up.  Winner - 49ers

Chicago @ Green Bay - A McCown is starting this game at QB.  The team that does will lose.  Winner - Packers

Atlanta @ New Orleans - Saints in a tough matchup.  Look for the scoreboard to break in this one and Brees to break Marino's passing record.  Winner - Saints

Who you got?!?!?!

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